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Phil Tippen:(1-10-18 nf)  Phil has fallen a couple of times recently, the last time was yesterday causing a hairline fracture in the pelvic area and bruising his hip area badly. He will be seeing a surgeon tomorrow for plan going forward. Keep Phil in your prayers.

Fred Eichholtz (1-11-18rh) Pat Kainer advised that when he arrived at Fred’s home this morning for them to ride together to the HPROA monthly meeting he found that Fred had just fallen and had possibly broken his hip.  He was transported by ambulance to Methodist Hospital in Katy where it was confirmed that his hip was broken.  A few hours later Fred was moved by another ambulance to St Luke’s Hospital Medical Center where surgery was performed.  Fred has been fighting Parkinson’s Disease and last year had his left hip was replaced and he endured complications from that operation.  Now his right hip is broken.  He is in room #1805 at St. Lukes.  UPDATE (1-16-18rh) Judy, Fred’s wife, advised that surgery was performed and was successful. Fred hip was fractured. However, he also shattered his femur and a steel rod had to be installed. Fred will require extensive rehabilitation and therapy.  He was moved to Concierge Rehabilitation Center, 2310 Eldridge in Houston. Please keep Fred and his family in your prayers.

Jim Hudson (1-13-19rh) Jim has been in a hospital or skilled nursing center since May due to complications with a broken hip replacement and broken femur. He has now been moved to another skilled nursing facility. He is now at Vosswood Nursing Center located at 815 S. Vosswood, Houston, 77057.  He is in rm #426B.  Jim loves to receive calls or visits from old friends.  His phone # is 281-610-1236.

Tom Bradshaw(1-21-18 nf) Eric Hillman, HPD retired, reports on Facebook that Tom had suffered a stroke, unknown when, and is a patient at CHI hospital in Lufkin. Tom is scheduled to be transferred to the Winfield Nursing Home in Crockett where arrangements for hospice will be made. Please pray for Tom and his family. Please refer to Facebook for more information.NOTE:Tom passed away on January 22, 2018.

Doug Bostock (1-27-18 nf) Doug was admitted to North Cypress hospital Wed. afternoon where a port was inserted into a vein in his neck at 11PM that evening and they began his blood plasma transfer at midnight that was completed at 3AM. He was up walking the halls Thursday AM and now awaits another treatment Sunday morning. This morning he was having a breakfast and is feeling fine. The original 5 treatments have now been cut to 3 so continue to pray for Doug'simprovement & full recovery.  (1-22-18 nf) Doug will be admitted to North Cypress Hospital, Hwy 290 &Huffmeister, assuming a room becomes available. He will undergo a type of treatment for his myasthenia gravis disorder where they will perform five blood plasma exchanges over a10day period. The exchange will take 3-5 hours. His physicians felt that the side effects of current treatments were hindering his recovery and prescribed this new procedure. Continue to pray for Doug's full recovery.  Doug Bostock:(1-30-18 nf)  Doug was released this afternoon and is now recovering at home. He is feeling good but really tired after 3 plasma exchanges since last Friday.
He is thankful for all calls, visits and prayers throughout his hospital stay. 

Phyliss Henson Deceased(1-28-18 nf) Phyliss, daughter of Sue Shelburne, has been placed in hospice care. Phyliss, as reported in previous updates, is in M.D. Anderson and has continued to battle cancer for many months. We pray that God would grant her relief from any pain and a peaceful journey home. Pray for Phyliss and her loved ones.UPDATE: Phyllis passed away on 2-1-18. Some members donated blood and platelets recently to help her in her fight. Our condolences to Sue, her family and loved ones.

Bruce Music (1-31-18rh) We visited with Bruce at his home and delivered him a motorized mobility scooter to him, which was he was thankful to receive.  Bruce suffered a stroke several years ago and was paralyzed on his left side.  He was in good spirits and enjoys hearing from old friends.  Please give him a call and keep him and his wife Fran in your prayers.



Dale Allen Van Ness, January 9, 2018
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Sherwood “Tom” Bradshaw (Member), January 22, 2018

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