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Houston Police Retired Officers Association

July 19, 2016

Houston Police Burial Fund (Read Below)                  Beneficiary Change Form (Click Here)

 The 2016 burial fund benefit is currently $6,000. As a reminder, as stated in the by-laws, the benefit amount is set annually by the board of trustees and is subject to increase or decrease based upon the investments of the organization. The benefit is designed to be paid directly towards funeral expenses, upon receipt of a copy of the funeral bill. Afterwards, any remaining unused amount of the benefit will be issued to the beneficiary we show listed in our records. Your spouse at the time of death is the beneficiary. (unless otherwise noted)
If you'd prefer to change your beneficiary, please request and complete a change form and email the form to or mail the form to: 

Glenn Juenke, Treasurer
241 E. 27th Street
Houston, Texas 77008-2129

New Phone Number for the Burial Fund:  713-864-6457 (Please leave a message)

If the matter is urgent, please contact HPD Family Assistance at 713-308-1220 as often times they can assist you as well.

If you entering DROP and/or are retiring from the department, Please join the Houston Police Retired Officers Association. Please go to for further information. 


President: Matt Perales, Retired SPO
Trustees: J. Gause, Retired Lt. 
K. Carey, Sergeant
S. Rayne, Retired Sgt. 
J. Kitto, Retired Sgt. 
M. Young, Senior Police Officer
A. Harris, Retired Lt.
D. Trey Coleman, Sergeant
G. Juenke, Retired SPO

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