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Board Meeting Minutes
March 9, 2017

MARCH 9, 2017

Call to Order:  President Steve Rayne called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m.

Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance:  Steve Rayne

Present:  Ashby, Barnard, Elkin, Gaines, Potell, Rayne, Toth, Walschburger, Zoch 
Absent:   Beale, Blair, Kivela, Miller, St.John 

Sergeant at Arms:  Robert Crane -absent  

Parliamentarian:  Ed Aldridge

Determination of Quorum: A quorum was present.

Treasurer’s Report and Minutes of Previous Meeting: 
Motion by Walschburger, 2nd by Potell to approve minutes and treasurer’s report as printed.  Voice Vote.  Motion Carried.

President – Steve Rayne:
Burial Fund President Jay Gause will speak at the business meeting.
Secure Legacy Representative Stephanie Salcedo, a funeral planning service, will be at the March meeting with door prizes.  
Houston Police Federal Credit Union has designated Brenda Alcorta as the contact person for the HPROA.
The HPOU website stated Senator John Cornyn proposed the American Law Enforcement Hero Act of 2017.  This Act would give cities $25,000 in grant funds when they hire military veterans as career law enforcement officers.

Board Member  - Steve Toth
Insurance Open Enrollment will be from March 13 through April 7, 2017.
Average 14% increase in medical for City employees. Retiree plans increase 9.8%.
Starting May 1, 2017 co-pay will be $400 for Emergency Room, $65 for Urgent Care visits and $600 per day for Inpatient Care with a max of $2,400.  
Retiree monthly Medicare plan contributions for those over 65 will be $96 for Aetna Steerage PPO and $29 CIGNA Health Spring.  Participating pharmacies are CVS/Target, Kroger, HEB, Kelsey-Seybold, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Sam’s and Costco.  Supposedly 90-day prescriptions may be filled at CVS/ Target, Kroger, and Wal-Mart. 

Board Member – Matt Potell
A 5x5 climate control storage unit was rented for storage of reunion and surviving spouse luncheon supplies.  The $27 monthly charge will be included in the Entertainment Budget.  
Looking for a host for the 2018 Surviving Spouse Luncheon.

Board Member – Nelson Zoch
On February 16, 2017 the required Budget Review of both the HPROA and PAC Funds was conducted.   There was adequate documentation provided to verify each expenditure.
Discussion regarding the per month credit card merchant charge when members pay their dues with a credit card.  

Executive Session – Political Action Committee

Executive Director – Bill Elkin
HPOPS at $4.39B.  260 retirements since July 1st; 63 in March, 2 in April and 2 May.  
HPOPS announced a 2.4% COLA for 2017 effective April 1, 2017.
At the Harris County Courthouse Annex a woman was just outside the door asking people if thy lived in the City and if so they would sign a petition to place the pension reform bill as a referendum for the voter.  She appeared to have the appropriate forms but did not tell anyone who she represented.  
HB 43 contains over 300 pages on the 3 City pension systems.  Hearing will be March 20th in the House Pension Committee.  
Senate Criminal Justice Committee met to designate a Fallen Officer Day.   Discussion regarding a “Blue Alert” system similar to Child and Silver Alerts.  The Blue Alert would unify distribution of information on suspects accused of killing or injuring a law enforcement officer.  
Continue to meet with the Texas Law Enforcement Council each Monday.  This brings all concerned groups up-to-date on development of all law enforcement matters.
Member Larry Trepagnier passed away. $1,075 in memorial donations was received in his name.   Officer Trepagnier was shot 5 times in 1982, returned to duty and lived another 34 years with only one kidney and other health issues.  Zoch is working with HPOU to see if it could be classified as a line of duty death since he died of kidney failure in his one remaining kidney.  

New Business:
Approved seventeen  (17) new Regular Members:
Jessie Carroll 
Cynthia S. Clawson
Thomas Q. Gabler
Sal Gambino
Steven R. Grimes
Mario Ginterrez
Robert Holmes
Sam Kennedy
Evin King
Angeli Luigi
Joseph McWilliams
Martha Montalvo
Tran Nguyen-Walker
Richard J. Pfeil
Mattie Provost
Richard Still
Samuel Thomas

Three (3) New Associate Membership Application approved:
Major DeHart – Sponsor M. D. Beale
James Franklin – Sponsor Thomas H Bennett
Frederick R. Langehenning – Sponsor Fred Eichholtz.

Motion by Potell, 2nd by Walschburger to adjourn meeting at 9:40 a.m.
Sue Gaines
Board Secretary
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