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  Posted on: Tuesday, March 14, 2017
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Business Meeting Minutes
March 9, 2017

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MARCH 9, 2017

Call to Order: President Steve Rayne called meeting to order at 9:55 a.m.

Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance:  Chaplain Monty Montgomery  

Minutes of Previous Meeting:
Motion by Forrest Turbeville, 2nd by Fred Walschburger to approve the minutes as printed. Voice Vote. Motion Carried.

Chaplain Monty Montgomery 
Thanked members who donated to the Children’s Church at Freeway Manor Baptist Church.  Planning to have a HPROA day when the Children’s Church is completed.
The church’s reserve funds were used when the boiler had to be replaced.  The Church does not have the funds to build a fence to enclose the children’s garden and play area.  Anyone wishing to donate to the fence fund may contact Chaplain Montgomery.  
Freeway Manor Baptist Church, 2300 Rodney Street, Houston, Texas 77034.  Phone 713-944-000.   Chaplain Montgomery’s HPD office number is 713-308-1830.

Stefanie Salcedo – Secure Your Legacy Funeral Planning Service
Senior Insurance Advisor. She has been in he funeral industry for 11 years. Partnered with Joseph Earthman.
Able to help with Medicare and Long-Term Care planning.  Can assist with cost of funeral and cremation as well as burial plots and vaults.  Payment plans available.

Jay Gause - HPD Burial Fund President 
The HPD Burial Fund was established in 1925 as a charitable contribution to families of deceased offices.  In 1981 the government ruled that although the Burial Fund is a 501C charity, contributions could not be claimed on the donator’s taxes. 
Gause informs each HPD Cadet Class of the purpose and history of the Burial Fund in order to recruit new members. Active Officers are contributing $8.50 per month and when combined with 7% annual interest return equals an income of approximately $24,830 per month.  
There are 2,000 dues paying members and 6,000 lifetime members. It has been evident since 2009 that things had to change.  
On average there are 7 deaths per month.  There were 17 deaths in January.  The age of retirees are increasing and the number of deaths are on the rise.
The Board of Directors met March 2nd.  It has become necessary to reduce Death Benefits to $4,250 on a temporary basis.  The Death Benefit will slowly be lowered to $2,500.
There are several ways you can help the Burial Fund. New Beneficiary Sign-Up Forms will have a place to donate the benefit back to the Burial Fund.  Donations may be made to the Burial Fund in lieu of flowers at a funeral.  Please consider making a benevolent contribution to the Burial Fund either now, in your will or by donating Stocks. 
The burial benefit is the most it can be if we are to live within our means.  The cost cannot be too high for active officers and we can use various means to raise money.
Articles will be placed in the Retired Badge and the Badge and Gun detailing the necessity for the changes.

President – Steve Rayne 
Acknowledged and welcomed five first time attendees.  
A budget review of the 2016 HPROA and PAC expenditures was done in February as required in the bi-laws.  All accounts had adequate documentation to verify expenses.
Amber Roberts, Houston Police Federal Credit Union Business Development Representative, is available to assist any member with a question or concern.
HPOU website stated Senator John Cornyn proposed the American Law Enforcement Hero Act of 2017 which would give cities $25,000 in grant funds when they hire veterans as career law enforcement officers.
Garland Cole is in the foyer with information on the HPROA Long Term Care Insurance Policy underwritten by Trans America.  The plans are flexible with no physical exam and only available to HPROA Regular and Associate Members and their extended families.

PAC – Bob Barnard
$59,359 in the PAC fund in February.  Received $4,755 in contributions.

Executive Director – Bill Elkin:
HPOPS has $4.39B.  260 have retired since July 1, 2016.  63 signed up to retired in March, 2 in April and 2 in May.  An estimated 300 will retiree during this fiscal year.  
HPOPS announced a 2.4% COLA for 2017 effective April 1, 2017.  The pension compromise bill will place a 3-year moratorium for those under 70 years of age.  
HB43 will be heard by the House Pension Committee on March 20th. It contains over 300 pages on the three City Pension Plans.  Visited with all members of thee Pension Committee.
Do not know what the Senate version will contain.  Senator Huffman is under pressure to include a provision for the City’s Pension Obligation Bonds to be voted on by the citizens.  
Senator Bettencourt and Bill King are claiming the Obligation Bonds are not actually a debt but a bailout.  Visited with several Harris County Legislators explaining the $750 million is a debt because in the past the City did not meet their contractual contributions to HPOPS. 
Attended Senate Criminal Justice Committee hearing regarding creation of Law Enforcement Day.  Discussion of proving armor vest for all police regardless of department size and creation of a “Blue Alert “ system similar to he Child and Elder Alerts.  The Blue Alert would unify distribution of information on suspects accused of killing or injuring a law enforcement officer.  
Attended House committees, Homeland Security & Public Safety, and Criminal Jurisprudence.  Signed in support of several bills that affect law enforcement.  
Continue to meet with the Texas Law Enforcement Council each Monday.  This brings all concerned groups up-to-date on development on all law enforcement matters.  
Bill King has a lawsuit against the City to change term limits.
House of Representative has 149 members and the Speaker of the House. Pension Committee Chair will pass the Pension Bill a written.
Senate has 31 members and Lt. Governor.  There are 20 Republicans and 11 Democrats. A number of Republicans were elected by groups that want lower taxes and smaller government that will have a negative affect on defined pension plans.  
Effective May 1st City Health Insurance will increase by 14% for active personnel and 9.8% for retirees.  Do not do anything if you are happy with your plan.  
Thank you letter received from the family of James A. Jenkins.  $1,075 was received in memorial donations for Larry Trepagnier.  

Board Member – Steve Toth
Insurance Open Enrollment will be from March 13 through April 7, 2017.
Average 14% increase in medical for City employees. Retiree plans increase of 9.8%.
Starting May 1, 2017 co-pay will be $400 for Emergency Room, $65 for Urgent Care visits and $600 per day for Inpatient Care with a max of $2,400.  Co-pay for Primary and Specialist Doctors will not change.
Retiree monthly Medicare plan contributions for those over 65 will be $96 for Aetna Steerage PPO and $29 CIGNA Health Spring.  Prescription may be filled at CVS /Target, Kroger, HEB, Kelsey-Seybold, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Sam’s and Costco.  Supposedly 90-day prescriptions may be filled at CVS/ Target, Kroger, and Wal-Mart. 
The City of Houston website will have telephone numbers for insurance information.  They are trying to handle 36,000 people.  Asked for additional assistance for retirees.

Treasurer Report – Nelson Zoch:  
HPROA has a total of $236,713 in the bank.  The annual review of the HPROA and PAC funds found all to be in order with adequate documentation to verify each expenditure.   

Retired Badge – Nelson Zoch:
Please get articles in by March 20th.   
Always looking for new articles and anyone may submit an article.
Larry Trepagnier was shot 5 times in July 1982.  He was a healthy 29 year old and was able to return to duty although he lost one kidney and lived with other health issues.  Working with HPOU to see if this could be classified as a Line of Duty Death because his death was kidney related.  There is a precedent.  Jerry Stowe was badly beaten in 1986 and lived 14 years before dying of related ongoing health issues.     

Membership Committee – 
1,769 members as of February 7th.  
Seventeen (17) new members were approved today.  
Three (3) Associate Membership Application were approved.  
Of the ten (10) dropped members, seven (7) have been contacted.  
Members may renew memberships with a credit card or make changes at any meeting.

Website Committee – Jim Ashby
12,878 visits last month. 
Your cell phone has more power than the computer on the first manned moon mission.
Back up all your information so no one can encrypt your files.  
Retired Badge is on the website about two week earlier than mailed papers.
Contact Jim if you know anyone who would like to place an advertisement on the HPROA Website.  It is only $20 per month.
Contact Jim if you need the User Name and Password to the HPROA Membership Directory website.  Contact Jim if you do not receive an e-blast each Sunday.

Family Assistance Committee – Forrest Turbeville / Nelson Foehner:
Please contact members of the FAC with any needs or concerns:
Nelson Foehner (281) 351-4669 Doug Bostock   (281) 890-7610
Forrest Turbeville (713) 319-5466 Ray Smith   (281) 648-9920
Ron Headley     (713) 253-5749 Pat Kainer   (281) 642-6645

Entertainment Committee – 
The Houston Reunion was held at the HPD Academy on Saturday, February 25, 2017. A total of 202 guest signed in.  The silent auction was a great success earning $2,603.  Thank everyone who donated to the silent auction and those who gave generously.  Thank the volunteers for helping on Friday and Saturday.  
The Surviving Spouse Luncheon will be April 25, 2017 at the Houston Racquet Club.  Spouses and one guest are complimentary.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  The
food and service are worth the $30 cost.  
The Hill Country Reunion in Fredericksburg will be Friday, October 28, 2017 at Lady Bird RV Park.  Make your reservations early.

Door Prizes: 
$50 - Pappas Gift Card – Tom Lankford
$50 – Pappas Gift Card – Robert Bymaster
$50 – Pappas Gift Card – Ed Aldridge
$50 – Pappas Gift Card - Dorothy Ashby
$25 – D’Ann Kusak
$25 – Carl Ruffino
$25 – Joel Welshons
$25 – Fred Eichholtz 

110 Members in attendance.
Meeting Adjourned at 11:40 a.m.
Sue Gaines
Board Secretary
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