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  Posted on: Saturday, April 1, 2017
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Family Assistance Update
April 2017

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Wiley Douglass UPDATE (4-26-2017 MDB) Went by and visited a while with Wiley.  He’s doing his “two a-day” sessions with the physical and speech rehab.  He looks better and seems to be a bit stronger and talking some better.  Nothing wrong with his police sense of humor.  He’s now in room 200 at the HealthSouth facility on the NW corner of HWY 6 and SH 290 – down behind Goode BBQ.  He’s usually free from about 1130 to 1330 [1:30 PM for civilians] and after 1500 [3PM] in the afternoons.  However, the training program changes and is posted on a daily basis.  Might give Jean, his wife, a call at 281-782-3009 before you go to make sure he’ll be available and not off doing some therapy.  Please keep them both in your prayers.mdb   (4-20-17 mdb) Just got off the phone with Jean Douglass.  Wiley’s been making progress with the rehab workouts but his feeding tube came out last night and they had to take him back to the hospital ER.  She had to fight with the hospital but finally got a bariatric surgeon to operate today.  He told her he got it fixed the proper way it should have been done the first time.  Anyway, she’s hoping they can get back into the rehab center tomorrow so they won’t have to try to go through all of the readmitting procedure they require if you’re out more than three days.  Please keep Jean and Wiley in your prayers.mdb Addition See Below:

Harold Hanna:(4-11-17 nf) Chaplain Montgomery reports that Harold's daughter advised him that Harold would be going home Thursday or Friday under hospice care. Doctors recommended removal of one foot due to lack of circulation but Harold declined and asked that they send him home. Family requested that our members keep Harold in daily prayers

Doug Bostock
:(4-10-17 nf) Doug underwent an out patient deep vein procedure on 4-4-17 at Willowbrook Methodist hospital for the persistent pain in both legs. Using ultra sound they found blockage in one vein in his left leg and inserted a stent. The same procedure on his right leg did not reveal any blockage. Hopefully this will give him some relief as he recovers at home. Remember Doug in your daily prayers.

Harold Hanna
:(4-9-17 nf)  Harold underwent surgery Saturday morning at St. Luke's Woodlands to remove blockage in artery in left leg. He is recovering well today and could remain in hospital for a week or two. He is in room 278 at 936-266-2000. Keep Harold in your daily prayers.

Don Weaver(4-9-17 nf) Forrest reports that Don was in the hospital a month ago fighting pneumonia and near death. He has since recovered and is back at Park Manor Rehab center, 1014 Windsor Lake Blvd, Woodlands, 936-273-9424. Hopes to attend meeting this week. Let's keep Don in our daily prayers.

Wiley Douglass  UPDATE
   (4-12-17 mdb)  
Well, somebody somewhere had some sense.  Jean called this morning and Wiley was able to get back into HealthSouth yesterday.  Not sure what his schedule will be.  I’d suggest calling Jean at 281-782-3009 before heading that way to see if he’s taking therapy or not.  I’m sure she’d appreciate the call anyway.  HealthSouth Rehab Hospital 13031 Wrotham Center Drive, Houston, TX 77065    PS: 832 280-2500.  That’s just a block or so north of 290 @ 6.  Keep them in your prayers.mdb (4-10-17 mdb) I  visited with Wiley and Jean at the hospital this afternoon.   
There’s not much change over the weekend.  All of the tests seem to indicate there’s no additional damage suffered from the seizure.  Right now he’s in North Cypress [290 at Huffmiester] in Room 3108.  He was awake and alert.  He has a tiny bit of movement on his right leg and arm.  His left side seems to be working okay.  His doctor came in while I was there and held told Jean and Wiley that the in-patient rehab facility he had been sent to last week has been disallowed by the insurance company because he isn’t quite ill enough now.  Go figure.  He was in rehab for one day of therapy, had a seizure that night, returned to the hospital three days ago, and now he “doesn’t qualify” for that rehab facility anymore because he seems to be a tiny bit better???  Don’t get me started.  Anyway, the doctor and staff are looking for another place for him that will be able to give him the PT that he needs.  Please keep them in your prayers.mdb  (4-8-17 mdb)  Spoke with Jean again today.  Last week Wiley was sent over for rehab therapy.  He had a good day working out but that night, while he was sleeping, he had a seizure.  They sent him back to the hospital and ran several tests.  The results seemed to indicate that there was not another stroke or additional brain damage.  I spoke with him briefly on the phone.  He spoke clearly and understood everything but was pretty weak.  Jean says he’s sleeping a lot but thinks he might go back over to rehab early next week if they don’t find something else wrong with additional tests.  Right now she has help from her church and kids, but really appreciates all of the prayer support she can get.  Keep them in your prayers.

Harold Hannah:
(4-8-17 nf) Hannah was admitted to St. Lukes Hospital E.R., Woodlands Friday afternoon. Info is limited as to cause for admittance. Will update as we gather more info today but keep Harold in your prayers throughout the weekend.

Jerald "Jerry" Liles
:(4-1-17 nf)  Wife, Carrie, reports that Jerry had to go back to hospital with urinary tract infection but was released and now back at the rehab center getting back on schedule and improving. Gets up and sits in wheelchair where he does his therapy and can feed himself, paralyzed on his left side. Continue to pray for Jerry.

Chuck Smith:(4-1-17 nf) We visited with Chuck today by phone as he recovers from hip replacement surgery. He is going to therapy 3 days a week, has no pain and his diabetes is under control. Give him a call 936-544-6557 and keep him in your prayers.
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