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  Posted on: Wednesday, April 12, 2017
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Pension Update
Bill Elkin

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HPROA Members, Recently an e-mail was sent to Senators in the Texas
Legislature by those who are trying to stop SB 2190 purposing the 
Senators vote "No" against  allowing SB 2190 preventing 
the bill from coming to the floor.    Those in favor of "Local Control"
 are waging an all out war to stop SB 2190.  We need your
 input to Senators of your area urging them to Vote Yes in favor of 
allowing SB 2190 to come to the floor for a vote.  It is urgent that 
you contact your senator  today to ask them to VOTE YES 
allowing SB2190 to come to the floor for a vote.

Pension Update
Bill Elkin

The following information was provided by Executive Director of HPROA
John Lawson sent out a message (e-blast), which was scrambled and it did not get through their system. 

The e-blast was vacant for the message.  He is trying to correct the problem.
However, the message would have stated that SB 2190 is still in the process of changes
being made in it and still does not meet with the compromise language.  They are still
against SB 2190.
Regarding HB 43, the Dan Flynn bill, it is still OK in  it's content
and HPOPS is still on board with it.  It should be on the House Floor in the nest few days.

by Bill  Elkin
As of this writing, there are 37 days left in the regular 85th Session of the Texas Legislature.  From this date onward the chaos will get worse, and every official, in both houses ( Senate and House of Representatives )will try to get their own pieces of legislation passed.
Regarding the "Houston Pension Compromise" there is a lot of talking from the Houston Firemen, both from the Pension System and Firefighters union, trying to obtain amendments to their section of the senate version, SB 2190.  From rumors, they have been only successful in getting back to where their negotiations
broke off back in October with the City of Houston.  I have been attempting to get an amendment to change the election process regarding the election of an active officer going into Phase Down A or B for the Board of Trustees.  There has been a lot of sympathy on the issue, but no action thus far.
The Senate version was placed on the Senate Floor Calendar 2 weeks ago, but was removed.  Obviously because of negotiation with the firemen.  It was placed back on the Floor Intent Calendar this week.  Since there will be offered floor amendments to SB 2190, no one can tell me what those amendments will be.
The House version of the compromise, HB 43 came out of committee without the baggage of the POBs ( Pension Obligation Bonds ) on it.  Chairman Flynn's staff advised me that he would not accept any amendments when  his bill gets to the House Floor. When the bill was voted out of committee, there was one vote against it, coming from Vice Chair, Roberto Alonzo.  When we visited  with him on Tuesday, he told us that he had changed his vote and was now in favor of the bill.

We checked with the Calendars Committee to see when it might be set for the Floor Calendar.  We were told that they had not yet received the paper work from the Pension Committee and it might be a week or two before it would be set.
As of this time neither of the two bills have been passed by either House.
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