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  Posted on: Monday, May 1, 2017
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Family Asistance Update
May 2017

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5/1/17   Family Asistance Update

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Ron Headley:(5-22-17 nf) Ron underwent knee replacement surgery this morning at St. Luke's Medical Center hospital. We visited with him by phone at 4:30 PM and he was back in his patient room #Y-1814 and stated that he was without any pain and the therapist had performed some light therapy and he could tell he had more flexibility in the knee than before surgery. Give him a call at 832-355-4572 & pray for his recovery.

E.J. Smith
(5-16-17 rh) E.J. underwent outpatient eye surgery on his left yesterday. We visited with him today by phone and he stated that he almost lost vision in the eye due to the gel behind the eye becoming almost completely detached.  His surgeon advised him that it would be 3 to 4 months before they knew how successful the surgery was.  Please keep E.J. in your prayers and pray that the surgery was a complete success.   

Jim Hudson
is in hospital, Advanced Diagnostic Surgical, Normandy @ East Freeway, for hip surgery and repair of a broken femur.  Surgery is today.  Info from Jim McPherson, Baylor security

J. Wiley Douglass:(5-15-17 mdb) 
Wiley is now in the Legend Oaks Nursing Facility located on Queenston at FM529 – northwest corner – in room 315B.  He’s in good spirits but he doesn’t get as much PT here so he’s not improving as fast as he was.  Jean is trying to get him up and do some extra PT with her help.  He’s still strong on his left side and his speech is still a bit slurred but he’s understandable.  He would like visitors if you’re out that way.  You can call and talk to him at 281-782-3009.  If Jean doesn’t answer just leave a message and they’ll get back to you.  Keep them in your prayers.mdb  (5-2-17 nf) We visited with J. Wiley this afternoon at the HealthSouth Rehab Center on Wortham Dr. this afternoon. He had just completed a therapy session and was tired but was in good spirits. He still has a feeding tube and still unable to stand without support. He knows that there has been improvement and that the therapy will allow him to get on his feet and walk out of that place. Lift up your prayers for him as he has a long way to go and visit him if get a chance.

Gerald "Jerry" Liles
:(-5-1-17 nf) We visited with Jerry's wife, Carrie today by phone and she reports that Jerry had to go back (for the 3rd time) to the hospital (ICU) diagnosed with pneumonia and UTI but hopefully he will be released tomorrow or Wednesday and return to the rehab center. Continue to keep Jerry in your daily prayers 

Phil Tippen:(5-1-17nf) We visited with Phil by phone today and he sounded stronger than before and seems to be doing better. He has moved again now off of Loop 336 at 2275 Riverway, #58, Conroe, 281-482-0594. Give him a call or go by and visit. In either case, please keep Phil in your daily prayers.    

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