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  Posted on: Thursday, August 10, 2017
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Today during the HPROA meeting, there was discussion during the Board and Membership meetings about a few upcoming referendum elections: 

1. The Pension Obligation Bonds, and the 

2. Firefighters/Police Pay Parity Issue.

The recommendation presented by our Executive Director, Bill Elkin, was for our retired officers to NOT openly campaign "for" or "against" the firefighters parity issue.  In other words, we take a neutral position as a group of retirees.  Our foremost goal should be to devote ALL of our energy for fighting FOR the passage of the Pension Obligation Bonds in November.  

Yes it's true that police officers and firefighters have different jobs.  One can argue that police officers work more weekly hours than firefighters, while the firefighters' reverse argument is that in recent years they have suffered more on-duty deaths.  Regardless of what statements are true or exaggerated, neither group will win if we fight each other to death.  The absurdity of a HFD vrs. HPD conflict is analogous to the past fighting between the HPPU and the HPOU.  Throughout this discourse years ago, the employee groups fought each other - to the delight of City Hall, and to the end-result of over a decade of NO pay increases.

In the end, we realize that remaining neutral is but a recommendation - nothing more - nothing less.  All of us are entitled to our personal opinion on these issues.  Nevertheless, as a group, our collective goal is the passage of the November referendum, with the long-term goal being the sustainability of our pension for ourselves and future generations of Houston Police Officers.  

-Anthony Kivela, Board of Directors, Position 7 

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