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Mrs. Betty J. Maughmer
Mother-in-Law of Frank C. Miller
Mrs. Betty J. Maughmer passed away on Wednesday, February 22, 2017. She worked for 10 years at the Houston Police Officers Union. [More]

Board Meeting Minutes
February 9, 2017
FEBRUARY 9, 2017

Call to Order:  President Steve Rayne called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m.

Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance:  Bill Elkin

Present:  Ashby, Barnard, Beale, Elkin, Gaines, Kivela, Potell, Rayne, St.John, Toth, Walschburger, Zoch 
Absent:     Blair, Miller 

Sergeant at Arms:  Robert Crane  

Parliamentarian:  Ed Aldridge

Determination of Quorum: A quorum was present.

Treasurer’s Report and Minutes of Previous Meeting: 
Motion by Beale, 2nd by Walschburger to approve minutes and treasurer’s report as printed.  Voice Vote.  Motion Carried.

President – Steve Rayne:
Burial Fund President Jay Gause will speak at the business meeting..
A representative from Secure Legacy, a funeral planning service will be at the March meeting with door prizes. [More]
Business Meeting Minutes
February 9, 2017
FEBRUARY 9, 2017

Call to Order: President Steve Rayne called meeting to order at 9:50 a.m.

Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance:  Monty Montgomery  

Minutes of Previous Meeting:
Motion by Fred Walschburger, 2nd by Forrest Turbeville, to approve the minutes as printed. Voice Vote. Motion Carried.

Jay Gause - HPD Burial Fund President 
The HPD Burial Fund was established in 1925.
The Burial Fund held the annual meeting following the HPROA January business meeting and installed the Trustees. [More]

  Retired Badge

Retiree Roundup
February 9, 2017
Retiree Roundup
February 2017

Al Blair: (1-7-17) We visited with Al this morning by phone.. He is a patient at Cornerstone Hospital 5314,Dashwood in Bellaire, 281-295-5300. He has been there for 2 weeks and reports that he is recovering and rehabbing from the amputation of his big toe on his left foot. He is mobile and improving. He is also making funeral arrangements for his 91 year old sister who passed away this week. [More]

City of Houston
Open Enrollment Data

Pension System Update
February 2017
As of is writing, nothing in  writing regarding the content of HB 43, being authored by Chairman Dan Flynn, has been incorporated into the original filing.  The early bill was filed by Chairman Flynn solely to secure a small bill number which would insure an early hearing in committee.  All of the language in the filed bill will be replaced when the final version is completed by the city. My latest conversation with Terry Bratton, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of HPOPS, revealed that the city legal was still working on the final language.  When I spoke with Chairman Flynn, he said that all he was waiting on was the final content of the bill that would pushed forward.
Steve Rayne and I have made contact with many elected officials ( Representatives and Senators) and their staff, in concert with HPOPS Trustees, advising that we are still hopeful that city will get off dead center and complete the content of the bill, and will proceed with selling the necessary Obligation Bonds to pay the city's debt to HPOPS.
I am waiting to see a list from the Speaker of the House, Joe Straus, as to committee assignments and their members of the committees.
More to come.       Bill Elkin


Family Assistance Update
January 2017
Donald I. Baker:(2-27-17 nf) We visited with Don's wife, Janet, by phone and she reports that Don is in hospice care with vital signs failing. Janet said that he had been in bed since Nov. 23 and his physicians have said his time is short. Please pray for Don and his family.

Jerry Liles:
(2-26-17rh) We received information from one our Hill Country members that Jerry Liles had a stroke on February 17th and is in Methodist Stone Oak Hospital, 1139 E. [More]

Northeast Station Breakfast
Every FIRST SATURDAY of each month at 7:30 am, at the GOLDEN CORRAL, 9663 FM 1960 W. bypass (just west on FM 1960 @ the Eastex Fwy.) Humble. Former Northeast officers 



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