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Ernest Mireles
March 29, 2020
3/29/20 6:40 PM
 Ernest Mireles passed Retired Senior Police Officer, and member of the HPROA, away on Sunday, March 29, 2020, at the age of 60. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Christine D. [More]
Business Meeting Minutes
March 12, 2020
3/20/20 4:46 PM
Call to Order - President Bob Barnard called meeting to order at 9:55 a.m.

Prayer and Pledge – Nelson Zoch

Recognition of Guest(s) and First Time Attendees -

Minutes of Previous Meeting:
Motion by E.J. Smith, 2nd by C.D. Arms to accept the minutes as printed.  Voice Vote.  Motion Carried.

HPOPS Chairman Terry Bratton –
Pension checks will continue to go out on time.  Pension fund has made adjustments due to the stock market.
Over 70 will continue to receive COLA payments. [More]
Board Meeting Minutes
March 12, 2020
Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance:  Nelson Zoch

Present:   Aldridge, Barnard, Beale, Gaines, Kivela, Potell, Scheibe, St. John, Walschburger, Zoch 
Absent: Ashby, McDonald, Rayne, Toth

Parliamentarian – Bill Elkin

Sergeant at Arms: Robert Crane 

Determination of Quorum: A quorum was present.

Treasurer’s Report and Minutes of Previous Meeting: 
Motion by Walschburger, 2nd by Scheibe to approve the Minutes and the Treasurer’s Report as printed.  Voice Vote.  Motion Carried.

President – Bob Barnard
Board of Director seating arrangements and Roberts Rules of Order discussed.
Discussion of the Coronavirus and its impact on the April board and business meetings, the April 25th Houston Reunion and the Surviving Spouses Luncheon on March 17th.
Discussion regarding the HPROA gift bag to welcome new members and guests.  The cooler bag has the HPROA logo and includes a HPROA pen, letter opener, scratch pad, lanyard, clips and application form.   
Discussion regarding the HPROA member badges.
Salvador Lopez is an independent insurance agent. [More]
Retiree Roundup
March 2020

Lisa Kennedy: (3-1-20rh) Lisa, wife of Chuck Kennedy, has been fighting cancer for approximately two years.  She received her last chemo treatment in November and since then scans and test have shown her cancer to be under control with medication.  However, the last few months she has been having severe abdominal pain on a regular basis. Doctors at this time have been unable to determine the cause of the pain. [More]

The HPD Pistol Ranges are closed for Retiree Qualification
3/12/20 3:21 PM

On Wednesday, April 1, 2020, 10:30 AM, Cromwell, Paul <Paul.Cromwell@HoustonPolice.Org> wrote:

The HPD Pistol Ranges are closed until further notice for Retiree Qualification due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak.

 Out of an abundance of caution and care for the well-being of all involved, we are closed at this time. [More]

2/19/20 2:21 PM

Recently, the Houston Chronicle published a story detailing that Cigna may terminate its relationship with Houston Based Memorial Hermann Hospital on April 30th.  Some City of Houston insurance providers (not Kelsey), use Memorial Hermann for some of its active and pre-Medicare insurance plans. [More]

3/29/20 4:25 PM
The webmaster informed the Board of Directors that he would be retiring from the webmaster position in August 2020 after 20 years of dedicated service to the HPROA.  

The specific job qualifications and duties are in the process of being drafted.  At this time, any interested party should contact the executive director via email ( who will collect the names until the Board officially posts the position, as well as the specific application process that is to be followed. [More]
Corona Virus Cancels Houston Reunion
3/18/20 11:58 AM
Due to the Corona Virus, the Houston Reunion that is scheduled for April 25, 2020 has been cancelled.  It is held at the Houston Police Academy, and Chief Acevedo has shut down the Academy down until further notice,  This is due to CDC recommendations.

We are sorry that we must cancel but it is for our well being.

To stay informed with our organization, please continue to monitor the website.

Thank you and Stay Healthy.

Matt and Rosalie Potell
Entertainment Committee

Family Assistance Update
April 2020
4/01/20 9:11 PM
Roy Ferguson: (4-1-20rh) Nelson Zoch received a return call from Retired HPD Sgt. Renita Ferguson regarding her husband, HPROA member Retired Sgt. Roy Ferguson. Renita reports that Roy went into the hospital eight days ago with  pneumonia after which it was determined that he had COVID-19.  He entered St. Luke's Hospital in the Medical Center and has been there ever since without Renita or any other family able to see him.  She states that the doctors believe he turned the corner for the better yesterday but is not out of the woods yet.  She says more prayers are definitely needed and requested.
3/12/20 2:42 PM
From the Board of Trustees of the Houston Police Officers’ Pension System (HPOPS)
As we continue to monitor the situation regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we want to assure you that the health and well-being of our members, office staff, and guests remains a top priority. 
As previously mentioned, HPOPS has systems in place to protect benefit payments and member services. In furtherance of that mission, we are implementing certain “social-distancing” measures by limiting travel and conducting many of our meetings in a virtual format. 
While we remain open for business, we encourage our members to consider looking to our website,, e-mail, or even a fax machine for routine pension business. We realize that there are times when there is no substitute for a face-to-face meeting. But in the interests of your health, and the health of the HPOPS membership, we are asking that you consider taking advantage of other convenient “virtual” options for conducting your pension business in the near future. You might even find that these virtual options are pretty convenient!

Open Enrollment for Retirees
MARCH 16 to FRIDAY, APRIL 3, 2020
2/21/20 11:09 PM
H.R. is closed to walk-ins  

In an effort to mitigate exposure of the Coronavirus to our dedicated employee and retiree populations, the Benefits Division has elected to stop accepting walk-ins or appointment scheduling beginning on Monday, March 16th. This was a difficult decision to make as we understand that many prefer to visit in person, but we felt it was important to remind people that visiting our offices in downtown Houston could unnecessarily expose them to the virus.
In response to this, we have added additional resources to assist with answering phone calls, returning voicemails and responding to emails. [More]
Park Place Rangers / Southeast Lunch Bunch
3/01/20 3:10 PM
The next Park Place Rangers / Southeast Lunch Bunch 
Report indicates this event for April has been cancelled.
Email Report received from Marilyn Walker 
Check back often for updates

Northwest Station Breakfasts
3/03/20 10:41 AM

Every THIRD TUESDAY of each month AT 9:00 AM.
Located at 14243 FM 2920, just West of Hwy 249.
For a monthly reminder e-mail, send your info to Dave Roberts
at  or Steve Rayne at  

Every FIRST SATURDAY of each month at 7:30 am, 
at the GOLDEN CORRAL, 9663 FM 1960 W. bypass 
       (just west on FM 1960 @ t



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