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Board Meeting Minutes
September 12, 2019

Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance:  Sue Gaines

Present:   Aldridge, Ashby, Barnard, Beale, Gaines, Kivela, Potell, Rayne, St. John, Toth, Walschburger, Zoch
Absent:     McDonald

Parliamentarian – James Bollig 

Sergeant at Arms: Robert Crane 

Determination of Quorum: A quorum was present.

Treasurer’s Report and Minutes of Previous Meeting: 
Motion by Rayne, 2nd by Potell to approve the Minutes and Treasurer’s Report as printed. Voice Vote.  Motion Carried.

President - Bob Barnard
*Discussed printed agenda provided by Kivela.
*Plans to spend one day each week working on more involvement between community and HPROA.
*Design a HPROA Mission Statement outlining what we hope to accomplish.
*Brainstorming among board and members on ways to improve the HPROA, involve more members and grow the organization,
*Set 3-5 year goals for the association.
*Investigate a way the HPROA could have a 501C classification.
*Talk to the Houston Police Credit Union regarding a way to earn 2% on all HPROA funds.
*Enlist members living outside the Houston area to act as HPROA representatives.  These representatives would be in contact with members in their area for information and assistance.  
*Add Bill Elkin and Robert Crane to the list of board members on the HPROA website and realign board members according to positions.
*Interested in ways to increase advertisers on the HPROA Website and in the Retired Badge.  
*Contact Barnard regarding Board Position #5 vacancy with thoughts and suggestions before October meeting.
*Henry Chavez has agreed to be the HPROA Event Photographer and Videographer. 
*John Harland has agreed to serve as greeter at the monthly HPROA meetings.  St.John provided visitor name tags so we may            make new members and visitors welcome.  

Executive Director – Anthony Kivela
*A City of Houston representative will be attending our Membership meeting in order to explain a new Health Assessment                Program, developed to assist those retirees who are 
        coming out of active insurance rates, but who are not eligible for Medicare rates.  The HPROA played a significant role in                  convincing the City to roll out this program, which will closely parallel the Health Assessment Discount Program currently in use for active officers and their spouses.  
*New range procedures were announced.  The link on the HPROA website directs the user to the HPD website, which lists the          wrong information.  That is in the process of being corrected.  Retirees now shoot the 11am line at the Academy Indoor                     Range.
*HPOPS Update:
*After a national search, Pat Franey has been selected as the new HPOPS Executive Director.  He will be attending the                         membership meeting to introduce himself to the members.  
*Voting for the open trustee position ends Friday, September 10, 2019 @ 5pm.
*Last month Kivela received the HPROA historical records for the year the association was formed.  Approximately 150 pages          of documents were scanned and the copies will be kept at a second location, currently at Cathy Buckles Office.  
*Our Association’s Assumed Name Certificates, issued from the County Clerk, are ready for renewal.  Pursuant to the                        Business   & Commerce Code 71.001, anyone doing business in Harris County is required to file an Assumed Name                         reflecting the business name.  
*Retirees who are enrolled in either the $5,000. or $10,000. City discount life insurance program are eligible for an October              open enrollment that allows them to upgrade to $15,000. of coverage with no medical examination.  
*HPROA members are eligible for the affordable Police Officers Legal Defense Fund through TMPA.  CLEAT recently issued          a memo relating that the HPOU failed to provide TMPA or FOP legal coverage for one of their members.  The HPOU was                contacted and they advised us that their legal coverage is provided in-house, not through TMPA or FOP.  This was mentioned          in order to counter the inaccurate statement in the CLEAT memo, and stress to our members that the TMPA provides                        excellent firearms coverage.  The details are on the website.  
*A member raised a concern that some membership meeting attendees were throwing the HPROA handouts in the trash after              the meeting, which could expose members’ personal information to anyone digging in the trash.  It was decided that the new             members listings, renewals and updated address, phone and other information would no longer be printed for members.  The           names alone will be printed and any member needing the information can access it via the pass-worded member directory on           the website.  
*Discussion on Credit Card membership payments by Associate Members.
*Motion by Beale, 2nd by Ashby to modify the website credit card processing to allow Associate Member Applicants to apply           on-line as well as by mail.  The HPROA Business Office will have the responsibility to ensure a HPROA Member sponsored            the Associate Member.  Voice Vote.  Motion Carried.

Old Business – 
*Captain Dave’s Sailing Angels Foundation based in Clear Lake has offered to take from 5 to 150 retirees and families on a                 complementary outing sometime in October.  More information will be forthcoming.  

New Business –
*Discussion regarding Congressman Dan Crenshaw attendance at the October membership meeting.  
*Zoch stated Atty. Chris Tritio would like to speak at the November membership meeting.
*Discussion regarding the HPROA video prepared by Bollig. Board approved video and complimented Bollig on the                           professional job.  
*Toth stated Houston Intercontinental Airport is expanding the TSA  K-9 Division starting in October.  Volunteers will be                   needed at IAH to act as passengers carrying prohibited items.
*Aldridge would like to post pictures of door prize winners, with their approval, and candid shots of some meetings on social             media.  Discussion.  Approved.

*Eight (8) new members were approved:
* Thomas J. Chapman
*Robert Klosterman
*William R. Madden
*Alfred Pitts
*Steven Primm
*Hector Ramirez
*Ronald Reedy
*Craig Williams
*Three (3) Associate Member applications were approved:
*Cherie Dees – Sponsor Bob Barnard
*Robert Dees – Sponsor Bob Barnard
*Ruth Ann Toups – Sponsor Anthony Kivela
*One (1) new Associate Member application was received:
*James Merricks – Sponsor Bob Barnard

Motion by Potell, 2nd by Zoch to adjourn meeting at 9:30 a.m.

Sue Gaines,  Board Secretary   

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