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  Posted on: Thursday, October 3, 2019
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Family Assistance Update
October 2019

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Harold Krause:(10-9-19 nf) We visited with Harold today and he reports that he completed his chemo treatment plan in August now waiting for results of PET scan which hopefully will bring to an  end  to all further treatment and allow him to regain his strength and good health. He is feeling better each day and  invites your prayers that his and all cancers be cured and healed. 

Doug Bostock:(10-2-19 nf) Doug was released from the hospital this afternoon and is now at home recovering with 2 week oral medications of heavy duty antibiotics that should eliminate the infection in his leg. Continue to lift up those prayers for Doug's full recovery.

David Sheetz:(10-7-19 nf) We visited with David via phone and he advised that on 10-1-19 he had knee replacement surgery which did not go as expected. Initially, the was post operative pain and bleeding that took a couple of days to control, then his oxygen level fell to concerning levels all of which required his hospitalization until 10-6-19. He is now at home taking his meds hoping for pain free and speedy recovery. We pray for that outcome also.

M.D. Beale Jr:(10-7-19 nf)  Medwin reports that on 9-30-19 he was admitted to S.E.Memorial hospital where he was diagnosed with a mild heart attack and two stents were inserted. He was released the following day and is now at home doing fine. We pray for his continued recovery and good health.
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