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 Retiree Roundup
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FAC Roundup
September 2019

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FAC Round Up

Ed Whitehead: (9-1-19 nf) In August Ed underwent heart valve replacement. Patsy reports that Ed is now a patient at Methodist in the Woodlands being treated for pneumonia and possible heart failure. Continue to lift up your prayers for Ed and all involved in his care.  

Nelson Foehner: (9-12-19rh)  Nelson advised that a bone marrow biopsy in August changed his diagnosis from Sarcoma to Lymphoma cancer. A third biopsy procedure yesterday should confirm the specific type of Lymphoma by next week, followed by a treatment protocol.  UPDATE (9-24-19)  Nelson advised that his biopsy in July was diagnosed as Sarcoma cancer. A recent bone marrow biopsy and M.D. Anderson tissue biopsy was diagnosed confirmed the caner as lymphoma, but they could not specify whether the cancer was Hodgkin or Non-Hodgkin.  A chemo"cocktail" treatment will begin within the next few days. Nelson and his family are inviting all your prayers.

Mike McDonald:(9-20-19 nf) We visited with Mike by phone this evening and he reports that he underwent hip surgery last Wed and is recovering fine expecting to go home tomorrow (9/21/19)  Lift up your prayers that he would have speedy & full recovery.

Richard Sumner (9-21-19):  Barbara Cotton advised us that she had just talked with to Sharlot Sumner, Richard's wife, this morning. Sharlot told Barbara that Richard was admitted to Memorial Hermann Hospital on the Katy Freeway Wednesday night and that yesterday he took a turn for the worse.  Sharlot said they are going to make him as comfortable as possible, his cancer in his left lung is about 70%. She said he opens his eyes from time to time and he did acknowledge them this morning. He is unable to receive phone calls at this time.   Please keep Sharlot and Richard in your prayers.

Doug Bostock:(9-28-19 NF) Doug was admitted to Willowbrook Methodist hospital this evening for a severe case of Cellulitus in his right leg on which he had surgery some months ago. He had post surgery healing problems that required weeks in rehab facilities. He was released from Kindred Rehab about a month ago and another infection was diagnosed today. He is in Room 6419. Lift up your prayers for Doug that he might recover quickly.

Waymon O. Allen, Jr., July 16, 2019
Homer F. Harris, Jr., August 25, 2019
Victor Cozma, member, August 28, 2019
Michael R. Charrier, August 30, 2019 
Joe E. Skipper, member, September 5, 2019
Michael K. Guerin, member, September 7, 2019
Larry L. Jerden, September 13, 2019
John Benjamin Gill, son of member Benjamin Gill, September 15, 2019
Marvin D. Seber, September 17, 2019
Clifford Leroy Dismuke, September 27, 2019
Dale D. Pendleton, September 27, 2019
Harvey L. Trigg, September 29, 2019
Richard Sumner, member, September 30, 2019
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