Posted on: Wednesday, September 16, 2020
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Family Assistance Update
September 2020

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Monty Montgomery (9-22-20 blc) Monty called me today and said that he is doing pretty good. He said he misses everyone and will be glad when we are able to have meetings again.  He has lost some weight and his blood sugar is doing okay. He did say that his wife, Leah, is still having health problems and having seizures almost every day. I told him that our prayers are with him and Leah.
Barbara Cotten, FAC Co-Chairman

Forrest Turbeville (9-20-20 blc) I spoke with Forrest today to see how he is doing and he said that he is doing okay other than having a few skin cancers on his arm that he is having removed tomorrow. He also said he uses a cane to get around and uses it mainly for stability. His son and daughter-in-law have been living with him since Sue passed away and take good care of him. Forrest stated he is more concerned about the upcoming storm as he has flooded 4 times since 1994. I assured him that later today when there is an update about where the storm is coming in, I would call him to let him know. Forrest would appreciate phone calls. His number is 713-319-4038. Keep Forrest in your daily prayers.
Barbara Cotten, FAC Co-Chairman

Robert (Bobby) Alaniz  (9-17-20 blc) UPDATE: After reading on Facebook that Bobby has opened his eyes and is responding to commands, I contacted his wife, Irma, and spoke with her. She said the doctors have him on very light sedation and this morning when they came in they spoke to him and he opened his eyes and nodded when they asked him questions. He squeezed the doctor’s hand when asked to. They say he is still very sick but are happy about the improvement. Tomorrow Irma will be able to go see him and spend the day since hospital regulations have changed. Please continue to keep Bobby in your prayers.
Barbara Cotten, FAC  Co-Chairman

Message from Rodney Hill:
Hello all, as I sit on my front porch this morning quietly talking to God about the awesomeness of his love and the power of prayer that was on display yesterday as my beautiful loving Ginger was lifted up by God’s loving hands. Lifted up by prayer. Plain and simple. Thank you everyone! What an amazing display of faith and strength of the power of what can happen when God is flooded with persons of faith who come together in a single purpose ... to draw upon the almighty loving One who blesses all who ask. These last few days have absolutely been the most difficult, trying days I and my family have ever experienced. As I was in Ginger’s ICU room waiting on the words that would determine which path lay ahead, life without my loving partner in this life or a path of life possibly without her was overwhelming. Yet I continued to ask God for good news. Then my phone rang, it was the surgeon calling from the operating room with the news that it all went well and everything went perfectly and that my lovely beautiful Ginger would be with me again shortly was cause for an emotion that flooded up and out. For a few moments I broke down. God is so good! Ginger is so loved. She is so good and kind and cares so much about all who crosses her path. The outpouring of love and faith lifted Ginger up and we get to love and enjoy her just a bit longer. And that my friends is because your prayers were heard and prayers answered. 
To all you prayer warriors who took the time to ask God for Ginger to be lifted up and out of danger, thank you all from the bottom of the deepest recesses of the Hill family’s hearts, minds and souls. Blessings to each and every one of you from the Hill family.
Doug Bostock (9-16-20 blc) UPDATE: I received a call from Mae, Doug’s wife, who stated that Doug made it okay throughout the surgery which lasted 3 ½ hours. He is doing fine but is in ICU until tomorrow. The doctors said his blockages were much more extensive than first thought, but they feel the surgery was successful. Please continue to keep Doug in your prayers. 
Barbara Cotten, FAC Co-Chairman

Ginger Hill (9-16-20 blc) UPDATE:  Anthony Kivela forwarded this information from Rodney Hill with the updated information on Rodney's wife. "I got to speak to the surgeon's assistant and Ginger will have surgery today to install a port to drain the excess blood from the brain which will relieve the pressure that they fear will build. They encouraged me that this will cause immediate relief and can allow Ginger's brain to begin healing even if the bleeding continues. This will be a 2 hour surgery and they assured me that they won't damage anything in the brain in the process of doing this. Great news is that Ginger is alert and not in any pain and seems to be improving in her speech and that's a great sign. Kirby is taking a couple of days off to be with me and to get to be with Ginger whenever they allow and that's a blessing. We are going to hang at the hospital hoping to see her when she's out of surgery. Prayers please for the Hills and peace and calm through today. Prayers for the surgery to do its' work to help curtail the pressure allowing them to figure out the next steps to stop the bleeding. Thanks for the healing power of our creator and God." Please continue to keep the Hill family in your prayers.
Barbara Cotten, FAC Co-Chairman

Ginger Hill (9-15-20 blc) I received a call from  Retired Officer and HPROA member, Rodney Hill, who advised that his wife had a brain bleed yesterday. He said she is currently holding her own, can walk some and that her left arm is not as strong as her right.  She also has some paralysis in her face.  He said they are not considering surgery at this time because they feel the blood will be absorbed back into her body.
She is currently in the Methodist Hospital, Sugarland, Texas. Rodney asks for prayers for his wife and at this time please no phone calls.
Barbara Cotten, FAC Co-Chairman

Robert (Bobby) Alaniz (9-12-20 blc) We received word from Member Antonio Guzman that Retired Officer and Member Robert (Bobby) Alaniz is in ICU due to complications from COVID 19. I spoke with his son, Robert, who said his dad has been in ICU for 3-4-weeks. Prayers are appreciated but the family has requested no phone calls at this time.
Barbara Cotten, FAC Co-Chairman

Doug Bostock (9-12-20 blc) Doug is undergoing Cardiovascular Surgery on Wednesday, September 16, 2020  at 7:30A A.M. This surgery will be on his right leg to try to improve blood flow to his right foot in an attempt to save the foot.  He will be at Methodist Hospital at Willowbrook. Visitors are not allowed.
Keep Doug and his family in your prayers now and in the days to come for a successful outcome.  
You may reach Doug at 281-221-7466
Barbara Cotten, FAC Co-Chairman

Doug Bostock (9-5-20 blc) UPDATE: I just  received an update from Doug. The doctors have called in a wound care doctor to take care of the infection between his toes and then he will go back to the foot doctor soon. During the examinations, the doctors discovered that he has A-Fib and will try a new drug to help control it. His vascular Surgeon and Cardio doctor will get together to determine the next plan of action to help alleviate the blockage in his leg. Doug is scheduled to be discharged from the hospital today. Continue to keep him in your daily prayers.
Barbara Cotten, FAC Co-Chairman

Betty Mason (9-4-20 blc) I received a call from M.D. Beale about Betty, widow of deceased Sergeant L.R.P. Pierpont, having health issues.  I called Betty and found out that she has liver cancer and also going through kidney failure. Due to the COVID pandemic, her doctor doesn't want her to be hospitalized at this time. He is trying some alternative solutions and will re-examine her in a couple of weeks before deciding the next step. Please keep Betty in your prayers for comfort and healing.
Barbara Cotten, FAC Co-Chairman

Doug Bostock (9-3-20 blc) Doug called me yesterday and told me he had gone to his podiatrist to have him examine his foot . The podiatrist said he has no circulation in his foot but he needed to go to the hospital as soon as possible to have his leg looked at. After his wife got his medical records, he went through the ER at Methodist Willowbrook, as advised, where he was connected with a cardiovascular surgeon. His potassium level was very high. Today he was put in a room and they were going to do a CAT scan on both legs, with contrast, to compare with the last one and would go from there. Doug has asked that we all pray for him. If you would like to call Doug, his number is 281-221-7466. No visitors are allowed at this time. I will update as we get more information.
Barbara Cotten, FAC Co-Chairman

Ralph Blount (9-2-20 blc) I received information Ralph had been admitted to the hospital with a possible massive stroke Monday. I spoke with his wife, Donna today, September 2, 2020 and she stated that he had NOT suffered a stroke. The MRI came back that he had an unknown infection which caused him to get dehydrated plus causing other symptoms.  He checked out of the hospital Tuesday night and is at home resting.  Donna said he is about 80% better now.  They would be grateful for your prayers but ask for no phone calls at this time.
Barbara Cotten, FAC Co-Chairman

Bennie Green (8-29-20 blc) I visited by phone today with Bennie Green. He stated that he is currently on dialysis and waiting on a kidney transplant. Bennie is still quite active as he walks several times a week and rides his stationary bicycle to stay fit. We had a great visit about old days with the department. Bennie is very uplifting, has a great attitude and outlook on life.  Due to COVID, he would rather not have visitors but would enjoy hearing from friends and co-workers. His number is 713-557-3116. Give Bennie a call and keep him in your prayers.
Barbara Cotten, FAC Co-chairperson

Tommy (T.J.) Lero (8-27-20 blc) I talked to Cheryl Micksch today about her dad, Tommy (T.J.) Lero. After a 5 year battle with Colon Cancer, T.J. is now going into Hospice. He is unable to receive phone calls at this time. If you would like to reach out to Cheryl, her phone number is 832-465-1538. Prayers would be much appreciated during this difficult time.
Barbara Cotten, FAC Co-chairperson

Lorena Johnson and Irene Mouser (8-19-20 blc) Sue and I made a road trip today to visit with Lorena Johnson, widow of Chief B.K. Johnson. Lorena lives at Tall Pines Assisted Living in Livingston, Texas. We were able to visit behind a glass enclosure and wearing masks (which we all discarded). Although she can’t get outside or have many visitors, she is doing as good as can be expected.  Then we traveled to Huntsville and visited with Irene Mouser, widow of Chief Leroy Mouser. Irene is having difficulty with Parkinsons Disease and is on oxygen. Irene is now 92, still living at home but under Hospice care. The ladies were glad to have visitors and said to tell everyone hello. They have asked that we keep them in our prayers. Lorena does not have a phone but Irene said phone calls for her would be appreciated. Her phone number is 936-295-1863.
Barbara Cotten, FAC Co-chairperson

Luis Reyna, Non-Member (8-13-20 hc & blc) Henry received a call from Member I. F. Flores regarding non-member retired Officer Luis Reyna.  Luis is in very grave condition with cancer of the liver, colon and a brain tumor. He is being taken care of by his daughter, Angie Reyna. Member Flores wanted to pass along the information and said that he would appreciate hearing from his brothers in blue. Barbara talked to his daughter and she said she is going to look into Hospice for him. Luis can be reached at 281-900-1506 and his daughter Angie at 832-319-8093. Keep Luis and his family in your prayers.

Guy McMenemy: (8-11-20 blc) Henry talked to Guy today and found that he and Pat, his wife, are pretty much homebound and have caregivers coming around every so often.  He is looking for a good insured tree service if anyone knows of one as he has a branch threatening his house.  You can reach Guy at 281-469-2819

Doug Bostock: (8-11-20 blc) Pat talked to Doug on Friday and learned the results of the CAT scan on his legs.  The doctor said after looking at the results, there is nothing else they can do for his legs unless they did an exploratory surgery through his wrist to see if anything had been missed.  Doug decided against doing this since he has had so many stents, angiograms, etc in the past and did not feel like anything would be different.  Today, Henry took a wheelchair out to Doug to use when needed.  He welcomes phone calls at 281-890-7610.  Keep Doug and Mae in your prayers.

Jesse Baker: (8-9-20 blc) I visited by phone today with Jesse and he relayed that he is having great difficulty with neuropathy in his feet and legs. Jesse asks for prayers and if anyone knows of a specialist within 125 miles of Madisonville he would appreciate if you would let him know. Jesse would love to hear from old friends and coworkers. His phone number is 936-348-8643.
Barbara Cotten, FAC Co-chairperson

Arthur Price: (8-5-20 blc) I called to check on Arthur today and found out from his wife, Mary, that he is now in Hospice. He has had a series of health problems in the past and had a stroke Super Bowl Sunday. While recuperating, he fell out of bed, hitting his head on the floor.  Arthur has suffered some memory loss and is confused some of the time. Please keep Arthur and Mary in your prayers.
Barbara Cotten, FAC Co-chairperson

Charles Crum:  (8-4-20 blc) After seeing on Facebook that Charles has been ill, I called him and found that since November, 2019, he has been sick 3 times with body aches, headache, sinus, etc. After it recurred last Sunday he had an E Visit with his doctor since he had a fever this time. Even though he was prescribed antibiotics again, he was scheduled for a COVID test tomorrow. Charlie is asking for lots of prayers as he faces waiting for the results and for a speedy recovery.  He asks for no phone calls as he is sleeping a lot.
Barbara Cotten, FAC Co-chairperson

Stefanie and Neal Leonard: (8-3-20 blc) Called today and checked in on Stefanie and Neal. She said they are doing great as can be and are trying to stay healthy during the virus pandemic. Neal is staying busy as Chief Deputy of Blanco County Sheriff's Department and Stef is Chairman of Hill Country Area Crime Stoppers.  They said to tell everyone hey and to stay healthy.
Barbara Cotten, FAC Co-chairperson

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