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Houston Police Retired Officers Association
HPROA Election Results
August 14, 2019
August 2019

 President  Bob Barnard  906
 2nd Vice President  M.D. Beale  923
 Secretary  Sue Gaines 930
 Board Position #1  Steve Toth  832
 Board Position #3  Bruce Evans  546
 Board Position #5  Shelly Scheibe  897
 Board Position #7  Henry Chavez  911

CONGRATS to the newly elected HPROA Board Members (Bruce Evans & Henry Chavez) as well as the others who were re-elected! The election results were announced today (Aug 13, 2020) at the Board Meeting.  Over 1,000 ballots were received, an all-time HPROA record.

Bill Elkin, Director Emeritus, is shown swearing in the board members (from L to Rt):
  • Shelly Scheibe, Board Pos #5;
  • Steve Toth (St Toth), Board Pos # 1;
  • Bob Barnard, President;
  • Sue Carpenter Gaines, Secretary;
  • Henry Chavez, Board Pos # 7;
  • Bruce Evans, Board Pos #3, and
  • M.D. Beale, 2nd. Vice Pres.

 August 13, 2020 Board Meeting
(Board photo taken just prior to election results)