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  Posted on: Monday, July 1, 2019
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Family Assistance Update
July 2019

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Nelson Foehner: UPDATE (7-25-2019 rhNelson advised us this morning that he is being released from the hospital for the weekend.  His cancer has been diagnosed as a sarcoma.  He is scheduled for a Pet Scan on Monday and it is expected that more information regarding the cancer will be developed at that time. Nelson seems to be in good spirits and he has the loving support of his wife Sue and their family. Please continue to lift up prayers for Nelson and his family.        (07-23-2019rh) Yesterday Nelson was admitted to Tomball Regional Hospital where he has been diagnosed with cancer. As of this notice they have not yet determined the exact type or location of the cancer. He is undergoing test and expects a more specific diagnosis As soon as more information is available, we will post it. Please keep Nelson and his family in your prayers. replacement surgery he had the first of May

Jim Hudson:(7-18-19 rh) Jim had to undergo an addition procedure this morning at Methodist Hermann Hospital related to the knee oon. Nelson is not able receive phone calls or visitors at this time, but expects to be able to in the near future.  .  Scar tissue had formed which prevented him from straightening and bending his leg, requiring a forced a manipulation of the knee.  Jim has been in and out of hospitals and rehab centers for the last 28 months. His wife Randi advised us this morning that Jim will be released sometime today to return home.  He then will continue with therapy.  Please lift up prayers for Randi and Jim and pray that the procedure was successful.  

Doug BostockDoug Bostock:(7-18-19 nf) Doug was released from the hospital and was moved back to the Encompass Health Rehab Center, 20180 Chasewood Park Dr. He reports this morning that he has one therapy session with another one later today. His surgery wounds appear to be healing and he is glad to be able to get out bed and begin rehab. Would like to hear from friends and old work mates. His #281-221-7466. Give him a call and keep him in your daily prayers (7-12-19 nf) Doug was moved from Encompass Rehab Center to Willowbrook Methodist hospital on 7-10-19 after an infection was diagnosed at his surgery site. Surgeons performed a procedure last evening to hopefully eliminate all infection over the next few days. Doug is in Room 6410. Give him a call at 281-221-7466 and pray for healing and a full speedy recovery. (See below for additional)

Sue Turbeville:(7-9-19 nf) Sue has moved on 7-8-19 from Grace Care Center in Tomball to Cypress Assisted Living,12310 Drake Prairie Ln, Cypress
She remains in overal poor health, She and Forrest need your daily prayers.

Mike Gann;(7-9-19 nf) We visited with Mike this morning by phone and he reports that his overall health is not good but he has been feeling somewhat better. He was able to make a quick trip to Louisiana recently but otherwise stays close to home. Keep MIke in your prayers.

Harold Krause:(7-9-19 nf) We visited with Harold this morning by phone and he reports that he continues, after many months, to take his 4 hour IV chemo treatments for his bile duct cancer. Harold lives in the Giddings area and needs the calls from firends to lift him up. 713-817-0519. Pray for him daily.

Cindy Arrington:(7-9-19 nf) Steve's wife, Cindy, continues her cancer fight and is now taking a course of oral medications with an assessment meeting with the oncologist in late July. Pray for cancer free outcome in daily prayers. 

Sue Turbeville:UPDATE(7-9-19 nf) Sue has moved on 7-8-19 from Grace Care Center in Tomball to Cypress Assisted Living,12310 Drake Prairie Ln, Cypress
She remains in overal poor health, She and Forrest need your daily prayers.  (7-7-19) Forrest reports that Sue continues to receive care at Grace Care Center on Northpointe without much improvement in her overall health. Therapy once a day has not improved her strength. Keep Sue and Forrest in your daily prayers.

Cody Childress: (7-7-19) Son of Senior Police oficer Matt Childress suffered from bile duct cance. He underwent surgery at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn where the affected cancer tissue was removed from his liver. Cody is doing well and may be released from the Clinic Mon or Tues. Please pray for Cody.

Doug Bostock:Update (7-7-19 nf) We visited with Doug yesterday at Encompass on Chasewood. For the short time we were there he was having frequent pain spasms that were obviously extremely painful. Some pain meds seemed to be working as we left. Doug will likely be at this facility a few more days. Continue to lift up your prayers for healing and pain relief. (7-2-19 nf) Doug called to report that he had moved from the hospital to Encompass Health Rehab, 20180 Chasewood Park Dr., room 113 across from St.Luke's hospital at the Vintage. He will receive more intense rehab by walking more and exercising his leg. He is still has much pain so give him a call or visit him and keep the prayers coming. His cell 281-221-7466. (7-1-19 nf) Doug called this afternoon from his hospital room at Houston Northwest hospital and reported that therapist had just left after helping him get him out of bed to stand for a few seconds. He stated that the pain was very intense and he had to get back in bed and was having some really bad pain as we talked. He stated that he would obviously continue to remain in the hospital for a few more days. Please pray of relief for Doug's pain and a speedy recovery. 
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