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Board Meeting Minutes
December 12, 2019

Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance:  Sue Gaines

Present:   Aldridge, Ashby, Barnard, Beale, Gaines, Kivela, McDonald, Potell, Rayne, Scheibe, Toth, Walschburger, Zoch
Absent: St. John

Parliamentarian – Bill Elkin 

Sergeant at Arms: Robert Crane 

Determination of Quorum: A quorum was present.

Treasurer’s Report and Minutes of Previous Meeting: 
Motion by Fred Walschburger, 2nd by Steve Toth to approve the Minutes and Treasurer’s Report as printed. Voice Vote.  Motion Carried.

President - Bob Barnard
•2020 prayer and pledge list provided to board members.
•Polls predict Mayor Turner has a 57-58% lead.  They also predict the candidates HPROA endorsed are leading.
•Board is working on a Mission Statement.  We are requesting suggestions and ideas from members as to the purpose and focus of the HPROA.
•The Planning Committee, Chaired by Shelly Scheibe, is working on stating the future goals, aims and future of the HPROA.  Please contact any board member with your ideas and suggestions.  
•HPOU is very upset with Chief Acevedo’s remarks regarding gun control, the NRA and perceived failure of Congressman John Cornyn and Ted Cruz following the Line of Duty Death of Sergeant Brewster.  HPOU sent Acevedo a letter requesting that he not present his personal opinion on immigration, the NRA or President Trump while representing the HPD.
•Website Committee discussion.
•Tabled discussion of how to welcome new members. 

Executive Director – Anthony Kivela
•Discussion of the recent Line of Duty Death of HPD Sergeant Brewster and Fayetteville Officer Stephen Carr (son of HPD retired Sergeant Paul Carr/Deceased HPD Officer Tanya Carr). Plan to honor both later at the membership meeting.
•Discussion of the Houston Officers Peer Assistance (HOPA) process and how well it recently worked for a member.  A Suicide Prevention poster was passed around to the Board.  Thanks given to the retired officers who staff this 24/7 help line.  Anybody needing to talk, or who wants to make a referral can call 832-200-3499.
•Letter of thanks to the Board from member Ron Headley for support at his mother’s funeral.
•Discussion of setting up an Honor Table at meetings or reunions when we eat to honor those HPROA officers who are no longer with us.  Board input and approval. Further discussion to be held to improve the display.  Board Member Steve Toth and his wife Kari offered to donate personalized items for the display, as did Fred Walschburger and Jim Ashby
•Discussion on Rick Ashwood’s Colorado property.  More discussion needed in the future, tabled, recommendation for Planning Committee to examine further and report to the Board for decision.
•Budget requests need to be in to Kivela by the end of the week following the Board Meeting.
•The new sound system was purchased and will be used for the first time later at the membership meeting.  The Board expressed thanks to Mike Gee for his research and testing it prior to the meeting.
•Short discussion: Membership analysis being expanded, report will be presented to the Board in 2020.
•Update on FOP Medicare plan.  The National FOP suggested that they could come and explain their plan.  Kivela suggested that instead, the FOP first provide an exact comparison to the plan that we currently have available from the City.  Then, the Board, and subsequently if liked, the membership, can look at further details. Tabled.
•There will be an even greater focus on building closer relationships with the state representatives who vote on pension issues.
•A portable pull-up banner was displayed to the Board.  These are available for half price and will visually improve meetings and reunions.  Board discussion, no vote necessary, artwork to be developed and banners purchased.
•Discussion about member’s concern about Chief of Police comments.  More information to be emailed to the Board by Exec Director.
•A City Council bulk mailer was shown to the Board that had the HPROA logo displayed, from a previous board endorsement.

Old Business – 
•McDonald – Discussion regarding ways to improve the meeting defense program.
•Rayne – The annual budget review/audit must be done by February 2020 and presented to the membership no later than March 2020.  Discussion.

New Business –
•Jim Ashby stated he would not run for re-election to the board when his term expired in August 2020.  He will also resign as Webmaster at that time and is searching for a knowledgeable, dedicated replacement.  Please contact Jim if you would like to become the next Webmaster. 
•Five  (5) new members were approved:
-Allen Boskey
-Louis Caldwell
-Joseph R. D’Eugenio
-Brian Harris
-John Henderson
•Two (2) Associate Members were approved.
-Paul Cannatella – Sponsor Anthony Kivela
-John Elliott – Sponsor Louis Elliott
•Two (2) Associate Membership Applications were received:
-Edward Arnold – Sponsor James Koteras
-Michael Herzik – Sponsor James Koteras

Motion by Zoch, 2nd by Rayne to adjourn meeting at 9:35 a.m.  

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