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Houston Police Retired Officers Association
Family Assistance Update
December 02, 2019
December 2019
Joe Scerbo (12-8-19 rh) We were notified today by Wayne Black that his friend and HPROA member Joe Scerbo is extremely ill.  We contacted Joe's wife Mary and she stated he has been suffering with COPD  for a number of years, but it has now become severe. He was hospitalized back in September and when he was released from the hospital he was brought to his home in Cypress under the care of his loving wife.  Please lift up prayers for Joe and Mary.

Nelson Foehner:(12-2-19) Foehner reports that a recent PET scan revealed that except for an area of the upper right arm and shoulder, all other earlier areas of involved and affected tissue have substantially or totally been resolved by chemo therapy. We will continue with three more treatments after which another PET scan will be scheduled. He invites all Prayer Warriors to remain steadfast in prayers for him and others fighting this dreaded disease.

Mike Gann:(12-2-19 nf) Mike was admitted to Methodist Hospital-Woodlands late Friday evening due to weakness and  dehydration. He remains there this morning as they run tests and evaluate his condition. Lift up prayers for Mike.