Proudly Serving Retired Houston Officers and Their Families

The Houston Police Retired Officers Association is a professional, non-profit organization of retired officers and concerned citizens dedicated to safeguarding our pension, our health insurance, and our members' well-being.

Since its inception, our lobbying efforts with the Texas Legislature in Austin and with Houston City Council have managed to improve many of our pension benefits.

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About the HPROA

The HPROA is recognized by all elected officials, the general public, and members of the Law Enforcement Community as the representatives of all Houston Police Department retired officers.

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Mission Statement
We are a professional and social organization of retired officers and concerned citizens dedicated to safeguarding pensions, insurance, and member well-being.

Example Of Information Shared At Our Meetings!

  • Guest Speaker:  Morgan Luttrell - Retired Navy SEAL and brother to Marcus Luttrell, shared his SEAL experiences and his reasons for running for Congress. See video replay in our Members area.
  • Medicare Information:  Important information was shared that will be very beneficial to HPROA members!
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Your donation is an important contribution to assisting retired Houston Police Officers in many areas, including:
  • Loaning of no-cost medical equipment for those retirees and their family members who cannot afford these important items
  • Efforts on the state and local levels to retain the ever-eroding pension benefits
  • Working with City officials in order to retain affordable healthcare insurance and Medicare premiums
  • Funeral-service presentations (solid brass plaque and presentation binder)
  • Immediate-need funeral assistance for those without funding
  • And much more.
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