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Board Meeting Minutes
July 9, 2020

Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance:  Bob Barnard

Present:   Aldridge, Barnard, Beale, Gaines, Kivela, McDonald, Rayne, Scheibe, St.John, Toth, Zoch
Absent :   Ashby, Potell, Walschburger  

Parliamentarian – Bill Elkin 

Sergeant at Arms: Robert Crane 

Determination of Quorum: A quorum was present. 

Treasurer’s Report and Minutes of Previous Meeting

     Motion by Aldridge of Previous Meeting, 2nd by McDonald to approve the Minutes and the Treasurer’s Report as printed.  Voice Vote.  Motion Carried. 

President – Bob Barnard·         July Business Meeting cancelled due to COVID19.
·         Discussed Fredericksburg Reunion.  Determination will be made after August.
·         The August Election Business Meeting may be cancelled due to COVID19.
·         Election Committee prepared the election ballots for mail out.
o The candidate’s names were listed in alphabetical order.

o A questionnaire was included regarding members’ preference in receiving
the Retired Badge electronically on the HPROA Website  or mailed in print form.
o A short informational note from Bruce Evans, Candidate for Board Position #3, was included. 
The other two candidates chose not to include a note in the mail out.
o Problem occurred with Ballot Envelopes not sealing.  Pasadena Printing printed and delivered envelopes the same day
o The Bylaws state in the event of a tie, a coin toss will decide the winner.
·         The Election Ballots will be counted before the August Board Meeting.
oThe candidates will be invited to the Board Meeting and the newly elected candidates will be sworn in as new Board Members
·         After the loss of Nelson Foehner on the Family Assistance Committee, Forrest Turbeville will continue as FAC Chairman and Henry Chavez will serve as Co-Chair. 
·         HPD Cadet Class #245 graduation will be held at the Second Baptist Church, 6400 Woodway, Houston on Thursday, July 23, 2020 at 2:00pm.  Retirees are encouraged to attend. 
·         Discussion regarding following up on new member applications given to officers or retirees.  Membership Chairman Roy McDonald will email a new recruiting letter to those retirees who failed to renew their membership.  Membership application may be accessed on phones,     tablets, etc.           

·         The sign-in table at the Regular Membership Meeting will be located in the foyer for additional security and to have an accurate count of those attending.
·         New Regular Member Applications were received from:

o William W. Bolton 
o Michael Brunson
o Ronny Cortez
o Doyle W. Davis
o Jennifer Evans
o Michael Gallaway
o Adrian Gaspar
o John Guanci
o Denny Hair
o Shawna Hampton
o James Hawk
o Janice Hawk
o Henry Hernandez
o John Huston
o Jose Inocencio
o John Johnson
o Randall Johnson
o Caroline Kaplan
o Larry Kroesche
o Andrew R. LaHaie
o James D. Leonard
o Christopher Lohse
o David Myers
o Madolyn Nasworthy
o James Pinion
o Thomas Riendeau
o Ronald Sessum
o Alvin Steelman
o Michael Thacker
o Robin Thacker
o Ralph Walker
o Keira J. Knox

*  Motion by Toth, 2nd by Rayne to approve the new Regular Member applications.  Voice Vote.  Motion Carried.·        

o Two Associate Members approved:
      Robert Berry – Sponsor Fred Walschburger
      Russell Raia – Sponsor Bob Barnard

*  Motion by McDonald, 2nd by Beale to approve the new Associate Member applications.  Voice Vote.  Motion Carried.

One Associate Member application received and will be posted on the HPROA   Website for one month.
      Brook Crawford – Sponsor Bob Barnard

Executive Director – Anthony Kivela

·         Web Manager Selection Process Update:
o   Thanked Board Members who returned the web manager survey and those who participated in the interview process. 
o   Each of the two candidates was asked to submit a resume and perform a variety of tasks before their interview. The interviews covered the candidates’ vision for the website and their technical knowledge.  Each interview lasted ninety minutes.

* Motion by Zoch, 2nd by Beale to hire member Mike Gee as the new HPROA Web Manager effective August 13, 2020 at the budgeted amount of $800 per month with the amount to be reviewed in January 2021.  Voice Vote.  Motion Carried. 

·         Pension Update:
o   HPOPS Financial Report:
a.  Balance as of 7-7-20:  $5.564 billion
b.  Retirements:
      i.    Fiscal Year to date 2020: 15
      ii.   Fiscal Year to date 2019: 16
      iii. Cumulative Year to date 2020: 106
      iv.  Cumulative Year to date 2019: 97
   Pensions continue to be HPROA’s Number One Priority.
o   HPOPS offered a large lot of bags, books and other logo items to the HPROA.  These items will be picked up as soon as possible.  Thank you HPOPS.

·         HPD Identification Cards Update:  HPROA contacted TMPA Legal Division.  Chief does NOT have the ability to change any retirement status.   Chief SHALL issue an Honorably Retired Card.  Chief MAY sign allowing retiree to carry a weapon.

o   HPROA will have another meeting with the Chief and HPD Legal Department.

·         Website Update:

o  Host provider, Netsential, was recently hacked.  Discussion.

·         Donations:

o   6-2020 –  PPE supplies from member May Walker, Constable Precinct 7.
o   6-14-20 – Mary Valez in honor of Ramsey Valez.
o   6-22-20 – Ed Aldridge in memory of Henry Pressley
o   6-25-20 – Mark and Charolette Mills in memory of Scott T. Stewart.
o   6-27-20 – James “Ken” Pinion (new member), just wants to help HPROA.
o   6-27-20 – Mark Langford in memory of Scott T. Stewart.
o    7-2-20 - Salvador Lopez.
o    7-6-20 - Mark and Cathy Curran in memory of Henry Pressley.
o   Burial Fund donations received on HPROA website.  Cost HPROA 3% credit card processing fee.  Discussion. 

*  Motion by Toth, 2nd by Zoch to deduct the commission the 3rd party credit card processor charges the HPROA when funds are received by us, but transferred to the Burial Fund as originally intended by the donors.  Roll Call Vote.  Motion Carried.              Yes Vote: Aldridge, Beale, Gaines, McDonald, St.John, Toth, Zoch
              Abstain:   Burial Fund Board Members Rayne, Scheibe
              Absent:    Ashby, Potell, Walschburger                                     
·         Thank you notes received from:

o   Shirley Barrett thanking Jim St.John for assisting with the petition for denial of parole for a police officer’s killer.  It was successful.
o   Laurie Solomon and Bobby Smith for the flowers sent to Dot Smith’s service.
o  Foehner Family for the flowers sent to Nelson Foehner’s service.  “He loved being a part of the HPROA and the Law Enforcement community…it meant so much to our family.”
o  Leatha Moore for her husband Eugene Moore.
·         Discussion of the letter sent to Keira Knox, widow of Killed In The Line Of Duty Officer Jason Knox, advising her of the lifetime complementary membership in the HPROA.
·         Six (6) Month Budget Review:

o    Budgeted expenditures are under budget due to Covid19.  The Houston Reunion and Surviving Spouse Luncheon were cancelled.
o    Discussion regarding upgrading office equipment and website technology this fiscal year. 
·         Catastrophic injuries discussed then tabled.

Old Business:·         Update on the distribution of the PPE mask by St.John and Scheibe.
·         The Board approved pull-up HPROA banner was received.
·         Research for A/V Projector, computer software and name badges to go to new Web Manager.  Tabled.
·         Discussion on pride wear purchased from Pasadena Printing.  Discussion on a new pride wear vendor. 
New Business:
Discussion regarding waiving membership dues for one member who would like to join the HPROA but is currently unable due to having no city or gap insurance and huge out of pocket medical expenses.v  Motion by McDonald, 2nd by Zoch to grant the retiree a complementary one (1) year membership to be revisited in one (1) year.  Voice Vote.  Motion Carried.·         :

o   Rayne reported both the indoor and outdoor ranges are closed.

o   Retirees only may shoot the Narcotics range at 11:00am daily.  Check with Range Officer before going out.    
Committee Reports:

o   Treasurer Report – Ed Aldridge

§  $ 250,261.66   in the bank.

o   PAC – Bob Barnard:
Total PAC Fund Assets $101,681.53.  Contributions Received $3,845.  Administration expense $200.  Ethics Reports $280.
§  Runoff Endorsements:
      Texas Senate District 27 – Edie Lucio Jr. (D)
                  Texas House District 2 – Dan Flynn (R) 
                  Texas House District0 47 – Justin Berry (R)                                                 
                  Texas House District 67 – J. D. Sheffield (R)            
                  Texas House District 142 – Harold Dutton (R)   
                  Texas House District 148 – Anna Eastman (D)   
                  Paul Day for Sheriff (R)

o   Entertainment Committee – Matt Potell

§  HPROA LOGO items picked up from Pasadena Printing. 

o   Membership Committee – Roy McDonald 
1,834 members as of July 8th.  32 new regular members and 2 associate members approved today.  1 new associate member application received. 18 members reinstated and 18 dropped.
§  Emails will be sent to approximately 700 members who dropped over the years.

o   Retired Badge – Nelson Zoch  Articles for the next edition due July 20th.

o   Family Assistance Committee:  Friends we lost in June were Carrol M. Lynn, Ramsey Velez, Marvella S. Forte, Henry Pressley and Scott T. Stewart.
§  We also lost Dot Smith, wife of deceased Captain Chuck Smith; Robert Gonzales, brother of Rosalie Potell and brother-in-law of Matt Potell; and Andy Brown, husband of Belinda Leatherwood Brown and brother-in-law of Brenda Roberts White and David White.

o   Legislative Committee – Bill Elkin·         Locally, the race getting a lot of TV ads is the runoff for U.S. Congress District 22, House of Representatives between Republicans Kathleen Wall and Troy Neils.  Wall has spent over $4 million in this race and spent over $6 million two years ago in the race against Dan Crenshaw for District 2 seat.
·         In the U.S. Senate race against incumbent John Cornyn (R), Mary J. (MJ) Hager is spending a lot of money on TV ads against Texas State Senator Royce West.  Both Hager and West are Democrats.
·         In the Texas runoff elections – Harris County has several House seats where the Democrats must decide their candidate:
                  District 138 -  Akilah Bacy against Jenifer Rene Pool.
                  District 142 -   Jerry Davis against Harold Dutton, Jr.
                  District 148 – Anna Eastman against Penny Morales Shaw
§  There is a lot of talk about de-funding or disbanding police departments.  When confronted by such comments, remind those people that policing is not social work.  Police are problem solvers.

 Good and Welfare:
·         Zoch read a heartfelt letter from Tina Faircloth, Henry Pressley’s daughter, expressing her gratitude for all the assistance from HPROA and describing what being a HPD Officer meant to Henry and his family
·         Hand sanitizer and facemask will be provided at the next open meeting.                                                                             


   Motion by Rayne, 2nd by Beale to adjourn the meeting at 11:35am. Voice Vote.  Motion Carried.                                                                          

  Sue Gaines      Board Secretary                                 


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