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Houston Police Retired Officers Association
HPD Pistol Range Reopened For Retiree Qualifications
May 27, 2020
May 27, 2020
Retirees MUST have a reservation in order to qualify.

Reservations will be scheduled by the Retiree Certification Unit (RCU), only.
The RCU will be contacting those who have submitted their paperwork to the RCU to schedule reservations.
Retirees will check in at the RCU, wearing their masks, at approximately 10:30 am to complete any remaining paperwork before qualifying at the indoor range. The qualification line time is approximately 11:00 am, at the Indoor Pistol Range
Retirees must have their weapons clear and unloaded prior to entering any facility at the Academy.  Retiree Weapons will be inspected at the indoor range after check-in at the RCU.  
Retirees are required to have their own eye and ear protection. 
Retirees are reminded to wear a mask at all times, (optional while actually qualifying), and to practice social distancing.
Please feel free to contact Senior Police Officers Paul Cromwell or Bridgett Marshall of the Retiree Certification Unit at 
832-394-2500 should you have any further issues or concerns.