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  Posted on: Monday, March 1, 2021
Family Assistance Update
March 2021
UPDATE: The following update was sent to me by a very close friend of Wayne's family. This is from a call from Wayne to him.

Wayne this afternoon passed his test for swallowing. He passed!!! He will be eating real food today for the first time since December 29th.  This is a major step in his rehabilitation.  His next big goal is to learn to walk again.  This is a big challenge for Wayne so continue to pray specifically that his strength and motor skills will return soon.

Wayne said the main purpose of his call was that he wanted  to send his "Thank you" to all who have prayed for his recovery.  He said to share with each of you that since going into the hospital with COVID on December 28th, through a month of ventilators and on and off  dialysis, he felt the constant presence of Jesus; and found comfort in the knowledge that all his brothers and sisters in Christ were praying for him and his doctors.  In addition he is speaking to everyone in the hospital who he comes in contact with him about their need for Christ to be their Lord and Savior. Sounds just like Wayne, doesn’t it!!!!!!! 

In the coming days please continue to pray for Wayne's recovery and pray also for Mary Alice as she encourages him.  Also, say a prayer of thanks for their neighbors who have watched over her during Wayne's hospitalization and especially during the Deep Freeze.

Please do not call or attempt to reach Wayne. There are very brief periods when he feels like talking and he wants to save those for Mary Alice's visit. He would love to speak with you but at this point, he is just not able.

Barbara Cotten
FAC Co-Chairman

James B Haney, SR (3-1-21 blc) I received word today from JB Haney, Jr that JB is in the hospital with COVID. He was transferred from ICU this morning and admitted to Acute Care.

James B Haney, JR. (3-1-21 blc) I spoke with Laurie Haney, JB Jr’s wife, who related that he is also sick with COVID. He is at home recovering.
Please keep them both in your prayers for a speedy recovery.

Barbara Cotten
FAC Co-Chairman

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