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  Posted on: Tuesday, January 1, 2019
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Family Assistance Update
January 2019

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1/1/19   Family Assistance Update

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Pat Kainer:(1-27-19 nf) Pat reports that on Friday, 1-25-19 he underwent a procedure to clear a blockage of an artery in his left upper leg. He stated that all went well, they stented the artery after removing the blockage and sent him home later that evening. He was walking around the block when we called. The procedure has also relieved major pain in his left hip. Keep Pat in your prayers

Guy McMenemy:(1-19-19 nf) We visited with Mac by phone today at the Encompass Health Rehab center, 13031 Wortham Center Dr, off of FM 1960 & 290. He is in therapy twice a day and it seems to be helping. He is walking with a walker to and from his therapy sessions. Give him a call at 713-805-4422 and cheer him up while we all keep him in our daily prayers.

Sue Turbeville: UPDATE  (Sue Turbeville:(1-25-19 nf) Sue was released from the hospital on 1-14-19 and moved to the Grace Care Center, 11830 Northpointe Blvd, Tomball for rehab of her broken right leg. Keep Sue and Forrest in your daily prayers.1-19-19 nf)  Sue underwent surgery Friday morning to repair her broken right leg. Surgery was successful, she did fine and was out of bed briefly today testing it out.  If all goes well, she should be released Tues. or Wed to go to a rehab center to heal and receive therapy.  Give thanks and praise to the Lord and continue to pray for her full recovery.(1-16-19 nf) Sue was transported to Willowbrook Methodist hospital by ambulance after falling at home. X-rays reveal that she has a broken bone above the knee replacement she had several years ago. She is currently in the E.R. awaiting the physician's next move to repair the injury. Lift up your prayers for Sue and her doctors.  

Orris D. Patrick: Update (1-15-19 nf) Betty Patrick reports this morning that physicians plan to insert a trach today in an effort to assist Pat's breathing. His condition is still very critical. Family may move Pat to an acute care hospital in Lufkin depending on his response to trach insertion. Continue to lift up your prayers for Orris. (1-13-19 nf) Betty Patrick reports that Orris is still in critical condition but there are signs of improvement. Although he is on life support, his kidneys have recovered, his blood pressure is back in the good area and he has a regular heart rhythm. The family asked for our continued prayers as O.D. fights for his life.  (1-11-19 nf) Betty Patrick, spouse, reports that O.D. has stomach surgery on 1-10-19  at Nacogdoches hospital and in recovery but doctors fear that he may not pull through this.O.D. has a heart condition that complicates matters. Keep O.D. in your prayers.

Bob Dement:(1-11-19 nf) Father of member D'Ann Guzman was diagnosed with throat cancer and he is to begin treatments Lift up your prayers for Bob.

Deweliene Hannah (1-7-19 rh): We were notified by Deweliene's son-in-law, Dennis Caufield, that she is at home recovering from a broken hip which occurred in mid-December. Mrs. Hannah was the wife of Chaplin Harold "Bubba" Hannah who passed in April of 2017.   Dennis said Deweliene is not aware he notified us, but he is sure she would appreciate some calls from any members who knew her and Chaplain Hannah. Her number is 281-324-4320.

Sue Turbeville:1-5-19 nf) Sue was released from Methodist Willowbrook hospital Thursday, 1-3-19 and is now at home recovering. She is still weak and has difficulty walking. Continue to keep Sue and Forrest in your prayers.

Jeff Connor:(1-4-19 nf) Son in Law of Doug & Mae Bostock was diagnosed with a benign cherry size tumor of the brain at Memorial Herman hospital today. Jeff had a similar tumor removed from the same area of the brain some 13 years ago. He recovered from that surgery without any issues until this latest episode. He will
undergo surgery to remove the tumor in late January or early February. The Bostock and Conner family invite everyone to include Jeff & his wife,Trudy in your every prayer.

Jerry Cormier (1-3-19rh): Ali Cormier, Jerry's wife, reported that Jerry was admitted to Baylor St.Lukes and was undergoing surgery to his throat.  Last year Jerry was diagnosed with Esophageal cancer and he underwent successful surgery to replace his esophagus.  Since then he has developed scar tissue and the surgery will stretch his throat.  After the surgery this morning, Ali reported that Jerry is doing well.  Please keep Jerry in your prayers.

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