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 Retiree Roundup
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Retiree Roundup
February 2019

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Jeff Connor: (2-2-19 rh) Son in Law of Doug & Mae Bostock.  Last month Doug reported that Jeff was diagnosed with a benign cherry size brain tumor. Jeff had a similar tumor removed from the same area of the brain 13 years ago, but has had no issues until this recent diagnosis of this second tumor.  He is scheduled for surgery this next Monday at Memorial Hermann to have this tumor removed. The Bostock and Conner family invite everyone to include Jeff & his wife Trudy in your every prayer.  If you would like to reach out to Doug, his number is 281-221-7466. (2-4-19 nf) Doug Bostock reports that his son in law who underwent a 9 hour surgery to remove a cherry size tumor from his brain is now in ICU where family has visited. Doctors feel the surgery was successful, but he will continue with radiation and chemo treatments.. Doug wishes to express the profound thanks of his entire family for all the prayers lifted up for Jeff.  

Fred Eicholtz: (2-7-19 nf). Fred fell in his home and fractured his hip bone. He is doing as well as could be expected and is in good spirits. Judy, his wife stated that since it was a fracture, not a break, they would let it heal over time. They will know more this coming week & will pass it along. Lift up your prayers for Fred for full and speedy recovery. (2-12-19 nf)  Pat Kainer reports that Fred was moved to The Concierge Senior Living, 2310 S. Eldridge Parkway, for rehab. Continue to pray for his speedy recovery. 

Harold Krause (2-16-19 nf) Nelson Zoch reports that he spoke to Harold on Friday. Harold is regaining his strength following surgery to remove a cancerous bile duct. He is now preparing for an insertion of a portal on 2-27 to begin his next round of chemo. Harold feels the power of your prayers and invites us to keep them coming. Lift your prayers up daily for Harold.  

Jon Devore (2-17-19 rh) In December Jon was diagnosed with stage three throat cancer. In January he began receiving chemo treatments at M.D. Anderson. On February 14 he completed the chemo and on Monday he  continued his treatments with radiation.  The treatments have been extremely hard on him, weakening him and as he described, making him feel like he has been toasted on the inside.  He has a hard time talking due to soreness to his throat.  Jon worked many years at the pistol range and for several years before his retirement he worked in the Retired Officer Qualification section. Jon was always friendly and helpful. Which I will always appreciate.  Please lift up prayers for Jon, his wife Cheri, and their family.   UPDATE: (2-25-19)  Cheri posted on Facebook that she wanted to thank all her family and friends that were so supportive through Jon’s 7 weeks of chemo/radiation treatment.  She stated the treatments ended, but it is going to take some time for him to recover.  He is still not able to drink or eat, and will have the feeding tube for another 5 weeks.  She said they are praying there will be some improvement in another week or so, but he is still having side effects from treatment.  Cheri asked for us to please keep the prayers coming! ??????


February 2019

Sandra Gail Loofs, wife of member John W. Loofs, February 15, 2019

James E. Tipton, member, February 17, 2019

Lauretta Braggs, sister of member Barbara Turner, February 24, 2019 

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