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Houston Police Retired Officers Association
January 14, 2019
January 2019
The Retiree Cert Unit is now in the Driver Training trailer.
You report there, complete some paperwork the report to the INDOOR RANGE. The 11 am line was for retirees only. The range staff were very professional and personable

 Retirees can ONLY shoot the line at 11:00am MONDAY through FRIDAY.  The first (1st)Tuesday of each month the range is closed for maintenance!

Retirees still must fill out and send in a qualification application form. To get it go to the HPROA website. On the left side of the screen click on “Firearm Carry Renewal”. That will take you to the HPOU website. Scroll down to the “Handgun and Retired ID Renewal” Section. Open it and print out the form. Fill out the form and mail it to the address on the form. As in the past you will be contacted by range personnel when you have been approved to shoot. No sign up or reservations. Just show up.

The Retiree Office has moved  to the Driver Training building behind the indoor range. aftr completing paperword, go to the indoor range to shoot. The Retiree Certfication Office has moved to the Driver Training building and have all retirees  will  shoot at the indoor range.

If you are going to qualify with an automatic you need to bring two (2) clips. If you will shoot a revolver and have speed loaders bring them.

HPD is in the process of building a “Tactical Village” at the outdoor range. There is a lot of mud and construction equipment because of this. Range personnel told me there has been several close calls between construction vehicles and officers cars at the outdoor range. They advise caution driving there.

HPD range personnel told me changes to their procedures can and do change often. They advise you call either Officer Cromwell or Marshall at 832-394-2505 before going to the range.

 Steve Rayne
HPROA - President