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  Posted on: Saturday, January 18, 2020
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Business Meeting Minutes
January 9, 2020

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Call to Order - President Bob Barnard called meeting to order at 9:45a.m.

Prayer and Pledge - Chaplain Monty Montgomery 

Recognition of Guest(s) and First Time Attendees -

Minutes of Previous Meeting:
•Motion by Forrest Turbeville, 2nd by Wayne Jones to accept the minutes as printed.  Voice Vote.  Motion Carried.

President – Bob Barnard
•The Houston Police Burial Fund is 100 years old this month.  The annual meeting and election of trustees will immediately follow this meeting.
•Board is working on wording for a HPROA Mission Statement.
•HPOU will have a live taping of the popular podcast “Security Matters with Paul Viollis” on January 15th.  Paul Viollis, CBS News’ Law Enforcement and Security Analyst, along with Houston Police, City of Houston and Houston FOP will feature an in-depth interview about one of Houston’s most famous Cold Case.  The case labeled “Lovers Lane” was the brutal double murder of a young couple in 1991. Paul will interview Houston detectives and others close to the case and take questions following the taping.  The taping will take place at the HPOU FOP Lodge 110 Hall, 1602 State Street from 1:00-3:00pm.
•Every candidate for Houston Mayor and Council endorsed by the HPROA won.
•At this time, it does not look like the firemen will win their appeal.
•Thanked Mike Gee for his assistance in researching and obtaining the new sound and projection system.
•Councilmember Dave Martin is the Mayor Pro-Tem.  
•Mary Nan Huffman is running for Harris County District Attorney.  She was an Assistant District Attorney in Montgomery County and was on the legal staff of the HPOU.  The HPOU is backing both Republican Mary Huffman and Democratic Todd Overstreet in an attempt to defeat Kim Ogg.
•Welcome suggestions for guest speakers and topics for membership meetings and reunions.  Please send suggestions to Barnard or Kivela. 

Executive Director – Anthony Kivela
The system is performing well and appears to be healthy.  The market value of the plan has positively increased over the previous reporting period, from $5.856 billion to $5.943 billion. The fund is fast approaching $6 billion, a milestone.  
There were 153 “Current Year-To-Date” (CYTD) retirements in 2019.   This is an increase from 141 CYTD in 2018, but a reduction from 313 CYTD retirements for 2017.  
There are 72 “Fiscal Year-To-Date 2020” retirements (FYTD 2020 = July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020), compared to 62 FYTD 2019 retirements.

The pension fund has positively increased its funding rate to 82%. 
In order to effectively respond to members’ inquiries, HPOPS has a direct email address  Someone from the HPOPS office will directly respond to any member making an inquiry via this email.
•Multiple letters of thanks and appreciation were received.
Thank you card from Ron Headley acknowledging prayers and the Board of Directors attendance at his mother’s funeral.
 Thank you card from the Bankston family for flowers sent to Jo Marie Bankston’s funeral service, and for the Memorial Presentation.
 Personal letter of thanks for support to the HPROA from State Representative Garnet Coleman, and advisement of a personal donation he made on the HPROA’s behalf to the S.M.A.R.T. Kids’ MLK Day Celebration.
•Update on Cigna and Memorial Hermann Hospital System being in contract negotiations over rates.  The talks are confidential, and if no agreement is reached the contract termination will take effect March 16, 2020.  The City of Houston H.R. Department was contacted and we were informed that the termination would not apply to Medicare. This has nothing to do with the City of Houston; rather the two parties’ corporate offices are involved.
•Discussion on the December 2019 negotiations that failed between United Healthcare and Methodist Hospital.  
 Seven Houston Methodist Hospitals are now considered “out-of-network” effective January 1, 2020 if United Healthcare is the primary insurance provider.
 City H.R. advises that this should not affect retirees, but anybody who has United Healthcare and uses Methodist Hospital should call the customer service number on the back of their medical ID Card to verify coverage.
 Methodist Hospital’s Physician contract runs through March 31, 2020.  Even though the hospital may not be a provider, the physician may be.  Again, call the number on your Medical ID card.
 In an emergency, Emergency Services at a Methodist Hospital may still be covered as an in-network benefit regardless of the hospital’s participation.
 More details can be found at

HPOPS Executive Director – Pat Franey
•Approaching landmark $6 Billion.
•Discussed the issues that may affect some members:
Disabled child – must have documentation that the child was disabled before age 18.
Remarriage and how it affects your disabled child.
Five year rules for remarriage.
Common law marriage.
Required Minimum Distribution age is now 72.
HPOPS has free in-house Financial Planning and Will preparation.
Board only meets once per month so:
Know the rules for Emergency PROP distribution.
Notice in by 5th of the month for a PROP distribution.
Cannot stop a recurring PROP distribution.
Only receive 80% of a PROP distribution.
•Email with any questions or concerns.  

Treasurers Report – Ed Aldridge
•Board approved the 2020 HPROA Budget.
•$227,169 plus in the bank.  Invested in a CD to get more interest.  

Retired Badge – Nelson Zoch.
•Please submit articles by January 20th for the February-March issue.  Always looking for new articles.  Anyone may submit an article.  Notify Cathy in the Business Office if you are not receiving the paper.
•The costs of advertisements in the paper are $25 for business card size, $40 for one-fourth page, $75 for half page and $125 for full page.

Membership Committee – Roy McDonald
•The board approved 10 new members and 2 associate members. The 11 dropped members have been contacted. 
•We have a total of 1,899 members as of January 7th. 
•Members may renew memberships with a credit card or make changes at any meeting.
•Adding more safety measures to our meeting and reunions.  If your certification is current and are interested in becoming a part of the safety measures, please email your contact information to Roy.

Website Committee – Jim Ashby
•17,000 plus visits to the website.
•New additions of the Retired Badge will be highlighted on the website. 
•Microsoft, IBM, IRS, etc. will not call on the telephone.  Hang up on these scammers.  Call Jim with any questions or help.
•Contact Jim if you know anyone who would like to place an advertisement on the HPROA Website.  It is only $20 per month.
•Contact Jim if you need the User Name and Password to the HPROA Membership Directory Website.  

Entertainment Committee – Rosalie Potell
•The Surviving Spouses Luncheon will be Tuesday, March 17, 2020 at the Houston Racquet Club. The Surviving Spouse and one guest are complementary.  HPROA members are welcome to attend.  The cost is $30 per person. 
•The Houston Reunion will be Saturday, April 25, 2020 from 10am-2pm at the Houston Police Academy. 

Family Assistance Committee – Nelson Foehner/Forrest Turbeville/Ron Headley/Pat Kainer
•Please contact members of the FAC with any needs or concerns:
Nelson Foehner (281) 351-4669 Ray Smith   (281) 731-1588
Forrest Turbeville (713) 319-5466 Pat Kainer   (281) 642-6645
Ron Headley     (713) 253-5749 Mattie Provost  (832) 653-4921
Tim Dillon  (281-831-6771)Henry Chavez    (281)-687-8962
•FAC storage unit is in need of: 
walkers with a seat and hand controls
motorized scooters 
hospital beds 
Please contact a member of the FAC if you have any of the above items.  
•Friends we lost December were: 
HPD Sergeant Christopher Charles Brewster and Fayetteville Arkansas Police Sergeant Stephen Carr, son of HPD Sergeant Paul A Carr, were Killed In The Line Of Duty. 
HPD Officers Michael L. Gann, Gizelle Solorio and Joseph Scerbo.
Retired Harris County Deputy Sheriff Oscar Valverde, cousin of Joann Rabago and Ralph Gonzales passed away as did Retired Harris County Precinct One Constable Captain Bobby G. Curtis, father of Barry G. Curtis.
Beatrice Rodriguez Garcia, mother-in-law of Keith R. Schirck, Wilbur R.  Knight Jr., son of Wilbur Knight Sr. and Morgan Ybanez, father of Michael Ybanez, father-in-law of Rosalinda Ybanez and uncle of Alberto Vasquez (who was Killed In The Line Of Duty) also passed away.

PAC – Bob Barnard
•Received $2,310.33 in contributions. 
•Paid $200 in administrative expenses and $1,059.00 to Atchley & Associates.
•Total PAC Fund Assets are $82,871.41.

Legislative Committee Chairman / Consultant – Bill Elkin
•Since the annihilation of the Iranian General in Bagdad by the Trump decision, State Officials have called meetings with all high officials in Austin to plan for any possible upcoming emergencies.  Most of the talk was related to cyber attacks, on both government sites and private business doing business with Texas.  Sitting in with Governor Abbott was Lt Governor Dan Patrick, Speaker Dennis Bonnon and Homeland Security Committee member. It is note worthy to mention that since that meeting took place, there was a cyber attack on the website of the Texas Department of Agriculture.
•Run-off races in State Representative Districts 148 and 28 will take place on January 28th.  In all probability District 148 will remain a Democrat held office but District 28 is still a question mark since the Democratic party has spent a lot of money hoping to “flip” that seat.  All prospective candidates have now announced their intention to run for all state elective officers.
•Locally, the City races saw some of our friends re-elected and some hope to be friends elected for the first time.  

Good and Welfare –
•Burial Fund Chairman – Jay Gause
Houston Police Burial Fund was established January 1920 making it 100 years old this month.  The Fund survived the Great Depression and World War II.  Our goal is to keep it on a sound financial basis for the next 100 years.
The Burial Fund is a 501C Charity designed to make a monetary donation to help with funeral expenses.  
Changes were made to increase monthly dues, lower benefits and contribute to fund until retirement in order to keep the fund actuarially sound.  It is not going bankrupt.

91% of the Cadet Class joined the Burial Fund but after speaking with some officers 18 cancelled bringing total down to 41%.  Working to restore confidence in the stability of the Burial Fund.  
Need 35 members to stay for the Burial Fund Meeting.  There are 3 open trustee positions.
•Caroll Johns - Recommended Hospice for any family members needing end of life care.  

Door Prizes:  
•Dorothy Weaver - $25 
•Monty Montgomery- $25 
•Mike McDonald- $25 
•Richard Mireles- $25 
•Linsey Sirko- $25 Starbucks Gift Card
•Tommy Bennett- $25 Starbucks Gift Card

95 Members in attendance.

Meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m.           

Sue Gaines
Board Secretary
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