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Houston Police Retired Officers Association
Retiree Roundup
January 2020

Sal Gambino:(1-3-20 nf) Pat reports this afternoon that Sal's health is declining and visits are limited to family.  We welcome your prayers.  Note: Sal passed away on January 15.

 Betty Pierpont Mason: (1-7-20 rh) M.D. Beall advised that Betty (HPROA member), widow of Deceased member L.R.P. Pierpont, has been fighting liver cancer for a while now.  He just received an update from her.  She’s had the first part of the Y-90 procedure yesterday.  She didn’t have to stay in the hospital but they mapped the route to her liver tumor.  It grew 3cm since September.  She will have part 2 after the artery heals which takes about 4 weeks.  That’ll be when they put the radiation implant in the tumor.  She should hear this week if the Part 1 was in the acceptable range to do Part 2.  Please lift up prayers for Betty.

 Gilbert Schultz:(1-29-20 nf) Don, Gilbert's son, reports that Gilbert was released from a Bryan, Tx hospital and is now at home fighting life threatening renal failure. His physicians have advised that all medical efforts have been exhausted. Gilbert invites his friends and work mates to give him a call at 979-255-9658 and for all Prayer Warriors to lift up prayers for he and family,



 Janice McCord Ramsey, widow of deceased member Edward Ramsey, January 2, 2020

 Aubrey Wade Sanford, member, January 3, 2020

 Robert H. Warkenton, member, January 11, 2020

 Geneva Ruth Morris, wife of member Marvin "Pete" Morris, January 14, 2020

 Salvador Anthony Gambino Sr., member, January 15, 2020

 Edgar Lee Willis, Thursday, January 16, 2020

Lowell Geral McMillian, father of member Steve McMillian, January 2020

 Robert H. Thomas, January 26, 2020