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Houston Police Retired Officers Association
TSA March
March 01, 2020
SUSPENDED  TSA Training is "SUSPENDED" at the present time due to the Corona Virus?
Thanks for your continuing support. In order for TSA K9 to conduct training, they must use role players.  Being a role player is pivotal to our training; and it just simply means acting like a flying passenger in the airport while maintaining the item the canine is searching for (provided by the handler). Role players are a pivotal component of the program and without constant role player support they cannot conduct this crucial training. 

                          March 2020 Hobby Airport
Monday.          March 23              0630-0930AM            
Wednesday.     March 25              0630-0930AM            
Thursday.        March 26              0630-0930AM            
Friday.             March 27              0630-0930AM            
Monday.          March 30              0630-0930AM            
ATTIRE:   role players/decoys generally dress in casual attire or clothing they would normally fly in and we encourage volunteers to bring some type of carry-on bag to assume the look of a flying passenger.  We appreciate a variety of visual profiles for the teams to practice on and welcome those who wish to dress up, dress down, wear suits or just feel like wearing pajamas. 
REQUIREMENTS: role playing requires no canine experience but participants must be 18 years of age. The unit is an easy going group and stresses the importance of participants having fun so that all, canine included, are enriched by the experience.  Feel free to bring a friend, family member or coworker if you want to make the experience a bit more exciting.   Once a volunteer participates, they will not repeat for at least 60-90 days to prevent canine scent discrimination. 
PARKING AT HOU:  for DECOY parking, drive to the ‘Passenger Pick-up area’ (downstairs) and follow the ‘Commercial Vehicle’ signs. Look for Zone 5 and drive all the way down to the end. Park by the ‘COH/LEO’ vehicle parking only. Once you’ve arrived, please call from your vehicle so we may meet you and place a parking placard in you dash.