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  Posted on: Wednesday, April 1, 2020
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Family Assistance Update
April 2020

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Lisa Kennedy: (4-27-20rh) Lisa, wife of Chuck Kennedy, has been fighting cancer for approximately two years. Chuck contacted me yesterday and advised that test now indicate Lisa’s cancer has spread to her liver and spleen. She will now undergo another round of chemo. Please continue to pray for Lisa and Chuck as they continue their fight against this terrible disease.

Roy Ferguson ( 04-22-20 rh) Roy has been hospitalized for weeks with COVID-19. He spent 18 days in ICU and was just moved to a regular room last week. Yesterday Steve Toth received a message from Renita Ferguson, Roy's wife, advising "The prayers of the righteous availeth much. Roy is scheduled to be discharged in the next few days. To God be the glory!".  Thank you to all for your thoughts and prayers.   

Steve Veza (04-22-20rh) Jim St. John received a call from Steve yesterday. Steve said he fell Saturday and hit his head on the cement.  A neighbor came by to see him later and called an ambulance for him.  He is in Herman Memorial, 610 @ Ella.  He had stiches in his forehead and they are running several tests on him.  It is unknown when he will be released.  He can take phone calls.  His number is 713-857-3866.  Please include Steve in your prayers. 

Nelson Foehner: Deceased April 20, 2020 (4-16-20rh) We visited today with Nelson and Sue by phone. Most us know that he has been fighting Lymphoma cancer for months now.  He completed his first round of chemo therapy and all appeared be well for a while. However, he started to have severe pain in his right shoulder and test revealed the cancer had spread.  They then decided to try radiation and he just completed 25 treatments.  Test then revealed the treatments had were not effective. Nelson’s oncologist then recommended additional chemo treatments, but Nelson decided to decline.  Instead he has decided to be placed on hospice care, with Sue Gaines being his advocate. Nelson has been an active member of the HPROA and the Family Assistance Committee for over 20 years and has given comfort and assistance to hundreds of HPROA members.  Please pray for Nelson, Sue, and their family. He has been a blessing to all who know him.

Roy Ferguson (04-13-20) Roy has been in St Luke's hospital for several weeks being treated for COVID 19 and he has been on a ventilator for 18 days. Steve Toth talked with Sgt Renita Ferguson, Roy's wife, who stated Roy was taken off the ventilator on Good Friday. He was scheduled to be transferred out of ICU on Tuesday and will continue his treatment at St Luke's.  Please continue to pray for Roy that he have a full recovery. 

Thomas Klawiter: (4-9-20rh) Nelda, Thomas's wife notified us today that he has been in the hospital for over a week. He has a very weak heart and renal failure. The doctors believe he developed a bacterial infection from the metal in the pacemaker/defibrillator that was put in in December. The doctors said he is to weak now to withstand a surgical procedure to remove it. They have seen no improvement in the last few days. His white blood cell count was higher today and they have advised her of hospice care. She elected to bring him home so she can be with him.  He is incoherent, but she feels he will know she with him. She hasn't been able to be with him since the hospital has been in lockdown status. Nelda says her heart is broken. Please keep Nelda, Thomas, and their family in your prayers.

Roy Ferguson: (4-1-20rh) Nelson Zoch received a return call from Retired HPD Sgt. Renita Ferguson regarding her husband, HPROA member Retired Sgt. Roy Ferguson. Renita reports that Roy went into the hospital eight days ago with  pneumonia after which it was determined that he had COVID-19.  He entered St. Luke's Hospital in the Medical Center and has been there ever since without Renita or any other family able to see him.  She states that the doctors believe he turned the corner for the better yesterday but is not out of the woods yet.  She says more prayers are definitely needed and requested.
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