HPROA Board of Directors

President HPROA
Bob Barnard
Bob Barnard.jpg
Executive Director
Business Manager
Anthony Kivela

Director's Comment

First Vice President
Matthew Potell
Second Vice President
M.D. Beale

E.P. Aldridge

Board Secretary
Sue Gaines
Director, Position 1
Steve Toth
Director, Position 2
Fred Walschburger
Board Fred Walschburger.jpg
Director, Position 3
Bruce Evans
Director, Position 4
Jim St John
Director Position 5
Membership Committee Chairwoman
Shelly Scheibe
Shelly Scheibe.jpg
Director Position 6
Retired Badge Chairman
Nelson Zoch
Director, Position 7
Henry Chavez
HPROA Past President
Steve Rayne

 Entertainment Chairman
Rosalie Potell
Office Secretary
Cathy Buckles
Sergeant at Arms
Robert Crane
Robert Crane.jpg
Bill Elkin
Bill Elkin.jpg
HPROA Chaplain
Monty Montgomery
Monty 1.jpg
PAC Chairman
James Bollig
James Bollig - HPROA PAC Chairman.jpg
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