Join the HPROA Family!

We invite all retired Houston Police Officers, or their surviving spouse, to become a member of the Houston Police Retired Officers Association!  Membership in the HPROA helps in the fight to maintain and improve our benefits.  We have a Family Assistance Committee that does an outstanding job in assisting any of our members in need.  Any friend or relative of a current HPROA member may join as an Associate Member through sponsorship.  Strength in numbers!

We hope you consider joining us by submitting an HPROA New Membership or Associate Membership Application today!

Mission Statement
We are a professional and social organization of retired officers and concerned citizens dedicated to safeguarding pensions, insurance, and member well-being.

HPROA Regular Membership - $95/year


This membership is for:
  • Retired HPD Officers
  • Active Officers in DROP
  • Surviving widows of either above
  • See "NOTE" below
Regular Membership Benefits
  • Active representation in Austin - lobbying and advocating for pension benefits
  • Active representation at City Hall for medical, dental, and vision benefits
  • Extensive SSA & Medicare Learning library with over 50 videos and links.
  • Access to original Medicare Plans ā€œFā€ and ā€œGā€
  • Family Assistance Committee - free medical equipment to members/family and solid brass memorial plaque funeral presentation
  • Social events and gatherings
  • Extremely low cost funeral package
  • Official communications
  • Access to The Retired Badge newspaper
  • Access to member directory
Membership is prohibited for those convicted of, or having being placed on probation with or without an adjudication of guilt, for (1) a felony, or (2) any misdemeanor involving moral turpitude, or (3), any attempt, conspiracy, or solicitation of another to commit any of the foregoing crimes.

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HPROA Associate Membership - $50/year


Associate Membership Benefits
  • Associate Membership I.D. Card and HPROA lapel pin
  • HPROA window stickers
  • Purchase and wear official HPROA hats, shirts, etc.
  • Attend HPROA functions
  • Be members of any standing committee with approval of HPROA president
  • Receive the bi-monthly issue of the HPROA newspaper "The Retired Badge"
  • Participate in drawings at HPROA functions
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