Newsletter - Open Enrollment for Retirees Enrollment for Retireesen-us2020-04-01T22:34:35.4346224-05:00Open Enrollment for Retirees Enrollment for Retirees&newsletterid=72312/21/2020 11:09:39 PM<div style=""><div style="font-family: times;"><b style="color: rgb(238, 0, 0); font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 11pt;">H.R. is closed to walk-ins&nbsp;&nbsp;</b></div><div style="font-family: times;"><font face="times"><br></font></div><div style="font-family: times;"><font face="times">In an effort to mitigate exposure of the Coronavirus to our dedicated employee and retiree populations, the Benefits Division has elected to stop accepting walk-ins or appointment scheduling<font color="#ba5136"> </font><b><font color="#ba5136">beginning on Monday, March 16th.</font> </b>This was a difficult decision to make as we understand that many prefer to visit in person, but we felt it was important to remind people that visiting our offices in downtown Houston could unnecessarily expose them to the virus.</font></div><div style="font-family: times;"><font face="times">&nbsp;</font></div><div style="font-family: times;"><font face="times">In response to this, we have added additional resources to assist with answering phone calls, returning voicemails and responding to emails.