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  Posted on: Sunday, March 1, 2020
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Family Assistance Update
March 2020

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Ernie Mireles: (3-28-20 rh) Ernie has been under hospice care for a number a weeks now.  Today  we received information that he has not been doing well and that he did not wake up yesterday. Hospice advised that his time could be limited. Please lift up prayers for Ernie and his family. 

Bruce Music: (3-25-20) In 2015 Bruce suffered a major stroke which left him paralyzed on the left side.  Yesterday we visited with Fran, Bruce’s wife, and she stated Bruce recently had another major stroke on the opposite side of the brain from his first stroke.  This stroke caused bleeding, which has now stopped. He currently is Memorial Hermann Hospital at Medical Center, but it is anticipated that he will be moved to a skilled nursing center in a few days. Please keep Bruce and Fran in your prayers.

Thomas Klawiter: (3-25-20) Thomas has been suffering from severe heart issues for the last few years causing him to be in and out of the hospital.  Nelda, his wife, contacted us and stated that he was in need of a hospital bed and FAC members delivered it to him the next day. Nelda advised us that Thomas was back in the hospital due to his salt level being dangerously low.  She stated it is believed he would be released within a few days, after his salt level is stabilized.  Please left up prayers for Thomas and Nelda.

Pat McMenemy: (3-23-20 nf) Wife of member Guy McMenemy fell at her home in Cypress last Friday and broke her right femur and transported to local hospital, After surgery she was hospitalized throughout the weekend and was released this afternoon. Tim Dillon picked up a wheel chair and delivered it as she arrived home. Lift up prayers for Pat and Guy as they go forward.   

Nelson Foehner:(3-20-20) Yesterday we visited with Nelson at his home. Most us know that he has been fighting Lymphoma cancer for months now.  His first round of treatment involved chemo therapy.  Test after the chemo revealed that the cancer in the lower portions of his body is under control and there was no growth.  However, for the past month or more he has been having severe pain in his right shoulder and arm, being unable to use his arm.  Test now show that the cancer in his shoulder has spread and he is undergoing 25 rounds radiation treatment.  After the radiation is completed, it is likely that more chemo will be required.  Nelson does enjoy receiving calls from his friends. His # is 713-857-2924.  Please continue to lift up prayers for Nelson and his famil

Arthur Price:(3-11-20 nf)  Arthur was released from his rehab facility and is now at home where he will receive therapy 2-3 times a week by visiting therapist. Mattie Provost delivered a transport chair to their home for Arthur to use when making Doctors visits. He is using a walker currently and that improves daily.  His speech is still giving him a problem but he is working on it. Continue to pray for Arthur's speedy recovery.

Lamar Kimble:(3-5-20 nf) We visited with Lamar by phone last weekend and he reports that he was recently diagnosed with Cancer and that a treatment plan is being developed at this time. Lamar asked that we hold off on any phone calls for the time being. We will update as information becomes available. In the meantime, let us lift up our prayers for Lamar as he fights the cancer battle.

Nelson Zoch: (3-1-20) Nelson was able to go home Wednesday the day after his vertebrae surgery.  We called him yesterday and he said he was doing much better and has less pain.  He is having difficulty using his right arm, but his therapist told him that this was not unusual after this type surgery.  Please continue to lift up prayers for Nelson.  

Lisa Kennedy: (3-1-20) Lisa, wife of Chuck Kennedy, has been fighting cancer for approximately two years.  She received her last chemo treatment in November and since then scans and test have shown her cancer to be under control with medication.  However, the last few months she has been having severe abdominal pain on a regular basis. Doctors at this time have been unable to determine the cause of the pain.  Her oncologist has advised that exploratory surgery is needed to determine the cause.  Chuck again wanted to thank his friends for their continued support and prayers and he asked that we continue to pray for Lisa.
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