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 Retiree Roundup
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Retiree Roundup
February 2020

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Nelson Foehner:(2-8-20) Foehner reports that on 2-5-20 he finished his 6 round course of Chemo therapy that started around Oct. 1st.. He will have a PET scan on 2-18-20. The previous PET scan, after 3 rounds of chemo, revealed that there was significant good results in all 5 involved areas of treatment. Lift up your prayers that all cancer will be wiped out and his full health restored.

Thomas J. Smith:(2-14-20 nf) We visited by phone this morning with T.J.'s son, Terry, who reports that T.J. is now 94 years old, Class #9 retired out of the Forgery Div on 3-5-82, a resident of an Assisted living facility in Lakeway, Tx. Terry stated that T.J. health is in decline but he is in fair condition. Let us not forget this elder Brother in Blue and we would ask that you send him a card or note to lift him up and keep him in our daily prayers. Thomas J. Smith, Arbor Terrace Senior Living, 300 Medical Parkway, #2301, Lakeway, Tx 78738

Doug Bostock:(2-17-20rh) We visited by phone yesterday with Doug.  Doug stated he was doing about the same, but is o.k.  He is still experiencing pain in his legs after having by-pass surgery on the veins in his legs last year and having to fight infections. He is continuing visits to his doctors and in an attempt to solve the problem.  Please keep Doug in your prayers. Doug enjoys hearing from old friends, give him a call. His number is 281-221-7466.

Arthur Price:(2-22-20 nf) Mary reports that husband, Arthur suffered a stroke on 2-2-20 was later released and then had to have surgery was again released and was  at home recovering when he fell, struck his head. was admitted to Herman Hospital, Med Center. He was released on 2-20 and admitted to the Spanish Meadows Rehab Center, 1480 Katy Flewellen Red, Katy. Mary states that he is mobile with assistance but his speech and memory is affected. Please lift up your prayers for Arthur that he would have a rapid and full recovery.

Steve Vaeza: (2-24-20rh) We visited with Steve by phone today after Jim St. John advised us that Steve was having some serious problems.  Steve stated he a had serious heart attach last year which required him to be in the hospital for 2 weeks.  Just a few weeks ago he had another milder heart attach which he stated seemed more painful than the one last year.  He is also having problems with his feet and legs.  He cannot drive more than 30 minutes as it makes him very tied.  That is the reason he has not been attending the meetings.  He would love to hear from old friends.  His phone # is 713-857-3866.  Please lift up some prayers for him.

Nelson Zoch: (2-25-20) Nelson underwent surgery today at Scott White Hospital in Lakeway, near Austin.  They replaced 3 vertebrae in his neck. Mary Sue, his wife, advised us that he was having severe pain this afternoon and they are now trying to give him something to relieve it.  She said that Nelson is not up to receiving calls at this time, but asked that we pray for a rapid and successful recovery.  UPDATE (2-29-20) Nelson was able to go home Wednesday the day after his surgery.  We called him yesterday and he said he was doing much better and has less pain.  He is having difficulty using his right arm, but his therapist told him that this was not unusual after this type surgery.  Please continue to lift up prayers for Nelson.  

Lisa Kennedy: (2-29-20) Lisa, wife of Chuck Kennedy, has been fighting cancer for approximately two years.  She received her last chemo treatment in November and since then scans and test have shown her cancer to be under control with medication.  However, the last few months she has been having severe abdominal pain on a regular basis. Doctors at this time have been unable to determine the cause of the pain.  Her oncologist has advised that exploratory surgery is needed to determine the cause.  Chuck again wanted to thank his friends for their continued support and prayers and he asked that we continue to pray for Lisa.


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