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Kevin M. O’Brien
July 2, 2020
7/02/20 7:21 PM
 Kevin M. [More]
Robert (Bobby) Gonzales
Brother of Rosalie Potell
6/30/20 5:24 PM
Robert (Bobby) Gonzales, Brother of member Rosalie Potell, passed away on June 30, 2020. [More]
4/02/20 4:57 PM

In our 25-year history, the HPROA has been tasked with assisting its members wherever the need might be, usually with the focus on pension and insurance issues.  Now, the health and well-being of many of our regular and associate members is at stake due to COVID-19. I recognize that this is a time of uncertainty for many of our members, particularly with the financial and health impact this crisis has had on our age-group.  Our message to you is that the strength of our association shows in these times of need.  

 Now, with COVID-19, the needs for social interaction, transportation for medical assistance, grocery purchasing, financial assistance, and a host of other pandemic-related issues have come to the forefront.  Please remember this world virus is an issue we have never faced, but by pulling together, our association is determined to meet the challenge.

 We want to help our members, but first we need to know where that assistance is needed.  The HPROA Board of Directors will meet next week via a remote conferencing connection.  At that time, one of our agenda items will be to discuss what we can do as an association to assist our members.  To do this, we need to understand two perspectives:  We will first determine the actual need, then identify resources toward that end. Accordingly, if you have any type of need, we want to hear about it.  Please go to our website and visit the “Contact Us” link.  Let us know before next Thursday’s Board Meeting of any needs that you might have, or known and verified needs of other HPROA members.  As always, we are here as an association to try to help both of our regular and associate members.  

 At the end of the day, our association is about people, those members who have served, and those members who continue to serve. [More]

at noon to avoid extremely heavy traffic, 
expected on Memorial Drive and in the area.
Houston Police Credit Union
Memorial branch
Please check their Website for updated
opened Monday, and recent information
indicates they will close again on Tuesday 
Business Meeting Minutes
June 11, 2020

June 11, 2020

      The HPROA Business Meeting June 11th was cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak and the CDC recommendation that all meetings over 10 attendees be cancelled and social distancing regulations followed.

The HPROA Board Meeting was held at 10:00 a.m. in the Houston Police Officers Union conference room.   

Sue Gaines
Board Secretary     

Board Meeting Minutes
June 11, 2020

Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance:  Matt Potell

 Present:   Aldridge, Ashby, Barnard, Beale, Gaines, Kivela, McDonald, Potell, Scheibe, St.    John, Toth, Walschburger, Zoch

Absent:      Rayne          

 Parliamentarian – Bill Elkin 

Sergeant at Arms: Robert Crane 

Determination of Quorum: A quorum was present. 

Treasurer’s Report and Minutes of Previous Meeting:

     Motion by Potell, 2nd by Beale to approve the Minutes and the Treasurer’s Report as printed.  Voice Vote.  Motion Carried. [More]

Retiree Roundup
June 2020
E. J. Smith: (6-1-20rh) Roger Dixon notified me today that E. J. had been admitted to St. Luke’s Hospital Woodlands. I called E.J. and learned that he has developed a bacterial infection in his left hand causing painful swelling and redness.  He was admitted to the hospital yesterday and treated with major doses of antibiotics. [More]


July 9th Meeting Canceled

July 2020

In the interest and well-being of our members, the July 9, 2020
HPROA Business Meeting is 

6/22/20 12:57 PM
The board has been informed that the servers belonging to the vendor who handles our website have been compromised.  It is our understanding that this was not a lone attack on the HPROA, but multiple law enforcement sites were also impacted. Based on this, we have to assume that our Member Directory information may also been been compromised. It is IMPORTANT TO NOTE that credit card information used by members through our website’s application process is not stored by the HPROA or its website hosting company, and subsequently, was not compromised.  Financial information is always encrypted and immediately electronically sent to a national credit card processing center via a secure network. [More]
6/20/20 5:51 PM
Recently the following was posted on social media
“Hey, I’m hearing rumbling from officers that mayor said in a meeting that he wanted to renegotiate pension. I’m sure ya’ll are hearing it already.”
Upon hearing of this post the HPOPS Chairman immediately contacted  Mayor Turner. The Mayor said that “those words never came out of my mouth.” During further conversation,  it was apparent the city has no desire to renegotiate pension benefits.

We have a good relationship with the Mayor, and he has always been supportive of our police department. He stepped up and took on the task of making the City pension plans sustainable.  This support is currently evident by the funding of 5 cadet classes for next budget year, and fully funding your pension and the police department.
Police Officers’ have an incredibly difficult job and are constantly under considerable stress, we know that because we are current or former police officers. [More]
HPD Pistol Range has reopened for Retiree Qualification.
5/27/20 9:25 AM
Retirees MUST have a reservation in order to qualify.

Reservations will be scheduled by the Retiree Certification Unit (RCU), only.

The RCU will be contacting those who have submitted their paperwork to the RCU to schedule reservations.

Retirees will check in at the RCU, wearing their masks, at approximately 10:30 am to complete any remaining paperwork before qualifying at the indoor range. [More]
5/14/20 3:52 PM
The HPROA has received information that some retired officers do not have access to purchasing surgical masks, nor do other retirees have the resources to hand-make them.  Due to COVID concerns, the City of Houston implemented a surgical mask program that specifically targets senior citizens and other at-risk vulnerable people.  Many members of the HPROA are in this high-risk category and accordingly, more subject to the COVID virus.

HPROA members George Buenik and Jim Hudson were instrumental in getting the HPROA’s mask request submitted to the City, and ultimately approved. [More]
Family Assistane Update
July 2020
Lisa Kennedy: (7-3-20rh) Lisa, wife of Chuck Kennedy, has been fighting cancer for approximately 2 years. In the last post regarding Lisa in April we advised that Lisa's cancer had spread to her liver and spleen and that she was going to undergo another round of chemo. Chuck called us yesterday and advised that the chemo was not working. He stated that she is on pain medication and without it she is in terrible pain. Chuck wanted to again thank everyone for their prayers and asked that we continue to lift them up for her.

Doug Bostock: (6-30-20rh) I visited with Doug today and he advised that he is still having circulation problems in his legs. He said that he is scheduled for an outpatient cat scan on July 7 to determine if there is any veins in his legs that repairable. Doug asks that we pray for him. He would love to hear from old friends. Give him a call at 281-221-7466.



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