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Houston Police Retired Officers Association
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P.O. Box 130787 Houston TX 77219
Phone/Fax (713) 802-2967 or 1-866-856-7252


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      Suggested membership is $100, ($75 yearly dues and a voluntary contribution of $25 or more will be made to the PAC (Political Action Committee fund), for a total of $100 or more. Yearly membership will be renewable annually and a reminder will be mailed to you prior to that date each year.
Add $40 to to the TMPA Legal Defense Fund for those who want to carry firearms coverage.

Members are required to be receiving a retirement benefit from the Police Officers Pension System, City of Houston, or presently enrolled in HPD D.R.O.P and hereby apply for membership in the HOUSTON POLICE RETIRED OFFICERS ASSOCIATION (HPROA).   Please fill in amounts:  
Annual Dues   $75.00
PAC Donation   $ (ex. 25 - Suggested Amount)
TMPA Legal Defense Fund   Yes No (If Yes $40 Fee) 
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