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Houston Police Retired Officers Association

HPROA Houston Office
P.O. Box 130787
Houston, Texas
Local: 713-802-2967
Toll Free: 1-866-856-7252
Fax: 713-802-2967 Fax
Toll Free Fax: 1-866-856--7252
E-Mail: info@HPDRetired.Com
                     HPROA Board of Directors:
President HPROA
& PAC Chairman
 Bob Barnard
Bob Barnard.jpg

Executive Director

Business Manager  Anthony Kivela 

First Vice President
 Matthew Potell

Second Vice President
  M.D. Beale

  E.P. Aldridge

Director, Position 1
Steve Toth

Board Secretary Sue Gaines

Director, Position 2  Fred Walschburger
Board Fred Walschburger.jpg

Director, Position 3 
  Jim Ashby


Director, Position 4   
Jim St John

Director Position 5
                        Shelly Scheibe 
 Shelly Scheibe.jpg

Position 6 Retired Badge Chairman
 Nelson Zoch

Position 7 
Roy McDonald


 HPROA Past President 
Steve Rayne




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