For Associate Membership in the HPROA
  • Associate member applicant must be sponsored by a regular member of HPROA
  • Associate member applicant must completely fill out the Associate Membership application. Applicant and sponsor must both sign an original copy of the application form and mail it to the HPROA
  • After receiving the completed Associate Membership application, the HPROA Board of Directors will review the application at their next regular board meeting
    • If the HPROA Board of Directors finds no problem with the application, the applicant’s and sponsor’s name will be listed on the HPROA members only website immediately following the monthly meeting. All regular members are invited to review this application until the next monthly meeting
    • If any HPROA member knows of a good reason not to allow an applicant to join our organization, they should contact the Membership Committee Chairman with this information. The Membership Chairman will present this information to the Board of Directors at its next board meeting
    • All applications that have been on the website since the previous regular board meeting will be voted on at the next regular board meeting and will either receive final approval for associate membership or will be rejected. Any rejected application will be returned to the applicant along with their membership fee
  • Annual renewal of Associate Membership need not be approved by board of directors
  • Cost of annual Associate Membership will be $50.00 per year
  • Questions regarding Associate Membership application will be referred to the Chairman of the Membership Committee

Associate Members will be entitled to:

  • Associate Membership I.D. Card and Associate Membership HPROA Lapel Pin
  • Option to purchase an Associate Membership I.D. Badge to be worn at HPROA functions
  • HPROA window stickers
  • Purchase and wear official HPROA hats, shirts, etc.
  • Attend HPROA functions
  • Be members of any standing committee with approval of HPROA President
  • Make contributions to the HPROA Political Action Committee (PAC)
  • Receive the bi-monthly issue of the HPROA newspaper, “THE RETIRED BADGE”
  • Participate in drawings at HPROA functions
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Associate Members will NOT be entitled to:

  • Vote for board members
  • Address membership during regular monthly meetings, make motions, or vote on motions during meetings
  • Be a Committee Chairman
  • Be a Board Member
  • Participate in the TMPA Firearms Insurance; unless, an Honorably Retired Texas Peace Officer.
  • Sponsor another Associate Member