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  Posted on: Monday, June 1, 2020
Family Assistance Update
June 2020
Guy McMenemy. [6-10-2020.  RS].   Received information from Forrest Turbeville that Guy was admitted to North Cypress Hospital on Monday 6-8-20 with pneumonia. He is in room #5701 and at this time he is not allowed visitors. His wife also fell at their home and broke her shoulder, she remains at home.  His cell# 713 805 4422   Prayers and calls are needed

Henry Pressley: Deceased 6-19-2020  Nelson Zoch received a call from Henry's daughter Tina.  Henry has developed several serious infections which are affecting his kidney function and his blood count related to his diabetes.  He will be moved from Memorial Southeast Hospital to Houston Hospice some time today. Please keep Henry and his family in your prayers. (6-5-20rh) Nelson Zoch received a phone call from Henry's daughter, Tina.  Henry has developed pneumonia in addition to his latest operation incision becoming infected.  He is being moved to Memorial Hospital Southeast for further treatment.  Henry needs our prayers more than ever now.

Jack and Linda Guy (6-3-20 blc)  I received a call from Jack and Linda Guy's daughter advising me that both of her parents have dementia. She is asking for our prayers as they go through this difficult and debilitating disease. At this time, she has requested no phone calls.

E. J. Smith: Update (6-3-20rh) We were advised that E.J. hand was doing much better and that he is being released from the hospital today and going home.   Thank you to those who lifted up prayers for E. J.   (6-1-20rh) Roger Dickson notified me today that E. J. had been admitted to St. Luke’s Hospital Woodlands. I called E.J. and learned that  he has developed a bacterial infection in his left hand causing painful swelling and redness.  He was admitted to the hospital yesterday and treated with major doses of antibiotics.  He thought he was going to be released today, but his hand began to swell again.  They are running more test and hopefully we will know more tomorrow.  Please pray for a quick recovery for E.J.  

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