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  Posted on: Wednesday, July 1, 2020
Family Assistance Update
July 2020

Jake Goodrum (7-19-20 blc) On Wednesday, July 15th, Henry Chavez, along with Mike Gee and Tim Dillon, took a hospital bed to Jake. He had fallen recently and broke some ribs and is having difficulty getting out of bed. I called him today and spoke with his youngest sister, Shirley.  She said they were very appreciative of the guys bringing out the bed.  She told me that Jake has been having some problems recently and falls. They think he blacks out but he doesn't ever remember what happens.  He is scheduled to go in and have a pacemaker in a couple of weeks and they hope that will take care of the problem.  His wife, Nancy, also recently fell and they are both on walkers.  Shirley said they appreciate all prayers.  If anyone has a trapeze bar for a hospital bed, to loan, Jake is in need of one.

Doug Bostock (7-17-20) At the first of the month we posted that Doug has been having serious circulation problems in his legs and he was scheduled for a cat scan on July 7th. Doug received the results of the scan yesterday and his doctor confirmed that he had little or no circulation in his legs.  He has now been scheduled for a angiogram next week to determine the exact location of the blockage and to possibly treat it. Please continue to pray for Doug.  Doug still enjoys receiving calls friends, his number is 281-221-7466.  

Doug Maddox (7-13-20 blc) I visited by phone with Marcia Maddox, wife of retired officer Doug Maddox. Marcia said they are both doing fine and staying mostly in due to the COVID 19. Doug will be 92 in October so they don't want to take a chance of either one of them getting it. They said they would love to hear from old friends and also tell everyone to hello and to stay safe. They can be reached at 979-535-4292.

Fred Eichholtz  (7-14-20 pk) Pat Kainer  checked in with Fred and Judy Eichholtz on 7/14/2020 via phone and was informed they are staying locked down like most everyone else; otherwise they are doing fine.  Fred and Judy said hello to everyone and hope to be at a meeting soon.

Linda Lotz ( 7-14-20 blc)   Linda Lotz, wife of HPROA member Alfred Lotz, broke her right shoulder on July 3, 2020, She had surgery today and they had to insert 2 pins.  Alfred said she is in a lot of pain  right now but knows the pain will ease up as her shoulder heals. Since he is busy taking care of her needs, he asked there be no phone calls at this time but asking for prayers for healing and comfort.

Mark Glentzer: (7-14-20rh) Larry Doss notified us that Mark has been fighting cancer for at least a year. He visited with Mark today and learned that doctors have told Mark that further treatments would be non productive.  He has been placed under hospice care at his home. Mark is extremely weak and is unable to take phone calls.  Please lift up prayers for Mark and his family.

Bennie Green: (7-11-20rh) We heard that Bennie had been having some serious health issues. We contacted him found him to be in good spirits. He said that his kidneys had failed on him and he has been having dialysis three times a week, four hours each time. He said that each dialysis treatment takes a lot of him, but he has faith that he will be healed.  He has been on the transplant list for a year and just waiting for a donor. Please keep Bennie in your prayers, and pray that a donor is found soon.

Don Bird: (7-11-20rh) We visited with Ronnie Bird and he said that his brother Don has been fighting cancer for over a year.  He has received numerous chemo treatments and recently  his oncologist advised them that the cancer had spread and that further treatments would not help.  Don is extremely weak and has now been placed on hospice. Please lift up prayers for Don and his family.

Joe Chebret Sr.: (7-9-20rh)  “Big Joe“ has been hospitalized with serious COVID complications.  He is too weak to receive phone calls, but his family is asking that we pray for his healing and comfort.

Ralph Blount UPDATE (7-19-20 blc) I called and talked to Ralph today and he said his surgery for the nerve stimulator implant was a great success. He said he feels better than he has in a long time and wanted to thank everyone for their prayers.
 (7-8-20 blc)  I talked with Donna Blount today and she said that Ralph is scheduled for out patient surgery tomorrow at Woodlands Memorial Hospital to have a nerve stimulator implanted to help reduce his pain. He will be down for about a month recuperating.  As most of you know, Ralph fell off the roof several years ago and has undergone many surgeries. Pray for the stimulator to help ease his pain and for Donna as she nurses him back to health.

Harvey Briley (7-8-20 blc) I spoke with Harvey Briley today and he told me that he has been fighting Cancer since 1998. He said they have told him there is nothing more they can do for him at that he has about 6 months to a year.  Harvey is now 84 years old. Harvey would appreciate phone calls and prayers. You can reach him at 281-373-3622.

Lisa Kennedy: (7-3-20rh) Lisa, wife of Chuck Kennedy, has been fighting cancer for approximately 2 years. In the last post regarding Lisa in April we advised that Lisa's cancer had spread to her liver and spleen and that she was going to undergo another round of chemo. Chuck called us yesterday and advised that the chemo was not working. He stated that she is on pain medication and without it she is in terrible pain. Chuck wanted to again thank everyone for their prayers and asked that we continue to lift them up for her.

Doug Bostock: (6-30-20rh) I visited with Doug today and he advised that he is still having circulation problems in his legs. He said that he is scheduled for an outpatient cat scan on July 7 to determine if there is any veins in his legs that repairable. Doug asks that we pray for him. He would love to hear from old friends. Give him a call at 281-221-7466.
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