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  Posted on: Sunday, November 1, 2020
Family Assistance Update
November 2020
-UPDATE- Ernest and Dee Leal (11-24-20 blc) I just got back from visiting with Dee and her sister at Houston Northwest Medical Center (Cypress). Ernest is still in very critical condition but Dee is not giving up hope for God to intervene and pull him through this dark period. The staff at the hospital have been very supportive and caring for Dee's needs as well.  All officers, present and retired, are welcomed to come by today and support Dee and grab a bite to eat that the hospital has graciously provided. She will be there until 9 tonight. (Tuesday November 24th).

Beginning tomorrow at 8Am, the hospital is going into lockdown for about 3 weeks and will not be allowing visitors. However, exceptions will be made for HPD officers. Also, by late this evening, the Thin Blue Line Flag will be flying outside the hospital, outside of his room. 

Let us give thanks to the staff at the Hospital for their graciousness in taking care of our Brother and Sister in Blue. Prayers are very much appreciated by the Leal family.

Barbara Cotten, FAC Co-Chairman

Please be advised that the hours for dropping by to pray, drop off cards and offer well wishes for Ernest Leal, have changed. The hours are from 6:00Am to 9:00Pm tonight at Houston Northwest Medical Center (Cypress), 21214 Northwest Freeway (Hwy.290) in their Conference Room. COVID safety measures will be in effect.
Many prayers go out to Ernest and Dee. May God watch over them and bring them peace and comfort.
Barbara Cotten, FAC Co-Chairman

Ernest and Dee Leal (11-17-20 blc) UPDATE: Dee informed me today that her husband, Active Officer Ernest Leal, is still in the hospital with COVID 19. She is still in quarantine. Please continue to keep Dee and Ernest in your prayers. 
Barbara Cotten, FAC Co-Chairman

J B Haney, Sr (11-4-20 blc) I took a transport chair to JB He has neuropathy in his feet and was recently diagnosed with CHF.  JB said he would love to hear from old friends, partners and co-workers. Give him a call at 832-215-8770 and keep him in your daily prayers.
Barbara Cotten, FAC Co-Chairman

Dee and Ernest Leal (11-4-20 blc) I contacted Dee after learning from Anthony Kivela that her family have all been affected by COVID.  Ernest is currently in the hospital in Cypress waiting on a blood transfusion. Dee is in quarantine in Kyle, Texas and her parents who are 81 and 89 are in the hospital in Kyle. Please pray for the Leal family and for God to bless and heal them quickly from COVID.
Barbara Cotten, FAC Co-Chairman
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