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Houston Police Retired Officers Association
Free Surgical Masks
May 14, 2020
For Members - Ongoing
The HPROA has received information that some retired officers do not have access to purchasing surgical masks, nor do other retirees have the resources to hand-make them.  Due to COVID concerns, the City of Houston implemented a surgical mask program that specifically targets senior citizens and other at-risk vulnerable people.  Many members of the HPROA are in this high-risk category and accordingly, more subject to the COVID virus.

HPROA members George Buenik and Jim Hudson were instrumental in getting the HPROA’s mask request submitted to the City, and ultimately approved. Flash forward: a tremendous number of masks have been delivered to the HPROA and your Board of Directors has unanimously decided to immediately distribute them at no cost to members.

The first step will be simply letting us know that you want the masks.  There are no forms, income requirements, or applications to complete, just let us know where to mail them.  The HPROA will mail surgical masks to any retiree who wants them for their household and will absorb all costs associated with handling and mailing masks to its members.  This is possible due to generous donations other members have made for this purpose.

HPROA Board Member Jim St. John has volunteered to coordinate getting the masks to any member who needs them.  At this time, we are limiting requests to (5) masks per member.  Nevertheless, if you later need more masks and if they are available, another request can be submitted.    

To get your masks mailed to you ASAP, email Jim at or Shelly at with the address that you want the masks sent to, or call him at at (936) 321-4990.  The masks will be sent to you at no cost. 

Thank you for being an HPROA Member, and Stay Safe,
HPROA Board of Directors