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Houston Police Retired Officers Association
HPD Honorably Retired ID's
October 29, 2020
Please Read!
It was brought to our attention that when applying for an HPD Honorably Retired ID card, there is a second page to the application form that can be easily overlooked but, very important to get completed.   The bottom of this second page needs to be filled-out and signed by a notary.

This however, is not to be confused with the State & Federal Handgun Certifications.  When applying for the State and Federal certifications, the staff at the HPD Academy Retiree Certification Unit are typically certified Notaries and can notarize your paperwork when you go qualify.

So to sum it up:
  • Please be sure to complete all required forms in their entirety and follow the instructions carefully.
  • HPD Honorably Retired ID Card:  Notary is required.
  • State & Federal Handgun Certification:  Notary done at shooting range Retiree Certification Unit.
Please visit Handgun & ID Renewal Info on our homepage for more information and links to the applications.

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