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  Posted on: Friday, March 29, 2019
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TSA November K-9
Volunteers Needed

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3/29/19   TSA November K-9

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HPROA Members;

Thanks for your continuing support. In order for TSA K9 to conduct training, they must use role players.  Being a role player is pivotal to our training; and it just simply means acting like a flying passenger in the airport while maintaining the item the canine is searching for (provided by the handler). Role players are a pivotal component of the program and without constant role player support they cannot conduct this crucial training. 
       December Pending

Thanksgiving  has caused a delay in obtaining the December scheduling.  TSA is responsible for the delay, not the HPROA.
The December schedule will be post when received by the HPROA.
Remember, our role players or decoys dress in casual attire they would normally fly in and we encourage decoys to bring some type of carry-on bag to assume the look of a flying passenger. 
Once a volunteer participates, they will not repeat for at least 60-90 days to prevent canine discrimination.
If interested, please contact me with the dates you are available to participate. Thanks in advance for your support.
For parking, drive to the ‘Passenger Pick-up area’ (downstairs) and follow the ‘Commercial Vehicle’ signs. Look for Zone 5 and drive all the way down to the end. Park by the ‘COH/LEO’ vehicle parking only. Once you’ve arrived, please call from your vehicle so we may meet you and place a parking placard in you dash.
Contact Information: 
Scott DePietro 713-205-4076 – Scott is the preferred POC so he can hide you from TSA dog team handlers. If he is not available, please call one of the handlers below.
Hilda 713-205-2544
Kurt 713-542-3854
Angel 713-805-0090
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