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Houston Police Retired Officers Association
March 12, 2020
From the Board of Trustees of the Houston Police Officers’ Pension System (HPOPS)
As we continue to monitor the situation regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we want to assure you that the health and well-being of our members, office staff, and guests remains a top priority. 
As previously mentioned, HPOPS has systems in place to protect benefit payments and member services. In furtherance of that mission, we are implementing certain “social-distancing” measures by limiting travel and conducting many of our meetings in a virtual format. 
While we remain open for business, we encourage our members to consider looking to our website,, e-mail, or even a fax machine for routine pension business. We realize that there are times when there is no substitute for a face-to-face meeting. But in the interests of your health, and the health of the HPOPS membership, we are asking that you consider taking advantage of other convenient “virtual” options for conducting your pension business in the near future. You might even find that these virtual options are pretty convenient!