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Houston Police Retired Officers Association
Retiree Roundup
December 2019
Nelson Foehner:(12-2-19) Foehner reports that a recent PET scan revealed that except for an area of the upper right arm and shoulder, all other earlier areas of involved and affected tissue have substantially or totally been resolved by chemo therapy. We will continue with three more treatments after which another PET scan will be scheduled. He invites all Prayer Warriors to remain steadfast in prayers for him and others fighting this dreaded disease.

Joe Scerbo: (12-8-19 rh) We were notified today by Wayne Black that his friend and HPROA member Joe Scerbo is extremely ill.  We contacted Joe's wife Mary and she stated he has been suffering with COPD  for a number of years, but it has now become severe. He was hospitalized back in September and when he was released from the hospital he was brought to his home in Cypress under the care of his loving wife.  Please lift up prayers for Joe and Mary.  NOTE: Joe passed away on December 21.

Audrey "Wade" Sanford:(12-10-19 nf) Wade is a patient at St. Lukes Hospital being treated for lung and brain cancer. He is unresponsive on life support.. No visitors or phone calls at this time. Urgent request for all Warriors to lift up their prayers for Wade and wife, Teri.  UPDATE: (12-26-19 nf) Wife, Teri, reports that Wade was released from St. Lukes hospital last Friday and is now in Hospice care at home. Wade requires 24/7 care which Teri, family, and neighbors are providing. The prognosis for Wade is 2 to 6 months. Lift up your prayers for Wade and maybe send he & Teri a Christmas card at 27210 Stetson Circle, Magnolia, tx 77355

Sal Gambino Sr: ( 12-11-19 rh)  Barbara Cotton notified us of an update on Sal.  She advised he is now at home under hospice care with Sue Gaines being his volunteer. Hospice is adjusting his meds to help his pain level. Sal still welcomes all phone calls from his fellow officers and friends. On Monday the 16th, Sue and Barbara are going to their house for Sue to visit with Sal while Barbara takes Patty, his wife, to the doctor for her check up. Please continue to keep Sal and Patty in your prayers

Harold Krause:(12-17-19 nf) We visited with Harold today by phone and he reports that his recent scans show him clear of any remaining cancer and in remission. We rejoice with Harold and pray for his continued good health

Mike Gann: (12-2-19 nf) Mike was admitted to Methodist Hospital-Woodlands late Friday evening due to weakness and  dehydration. (12-12-19 rh)  Roy Slay advised that Mike has been placed on hospice care and he has been moved from the hospital to Care Cottages, an assisted living and full care facility located at 14450 Longstreet Rd, Willis, Tx 77318. Mike can still have visitors and would welcome them.  Roy requested that anyone having questions regarding Mike, to please call him call him at 713-569-6521. Please lift up prayers for Mike and his family. (UPDATE) Mike passed away on 12-18-19. Please lift up   prayers for Mike”s family..

Forrest Turbevbille: (12-19-19 nf) Forrest is being admitted to Willowbrook Methodist hospital this evening with weakness, light headed and pain in abdominal area. He was being treated out patient with kidney stones.
(12-20-19 nf) Forrest remains in Willowbrook Methodist, 713-737-0329, Room 3229, diagnosed with a intestinal infection. He will likely be there 2-3 days on antibiotics.  He invites your prayers, phone calls or visits.  (12-21-19 nf) Forrest was released from the hospital this afternoon and is at home recovering and taking antibiotics to clear up his infection. Continue to remember Forrest in your daily prayers.

Irene Mouser:(12-26-19 nf) Wife of deceased Chief of Police Leroy Mouser is now in home hospice care. Ms.Mouser lives on Elkins Lake in the Huntsvile area now 91 years of age. Her phone number is 936-295-1863. She does screen her calls and tires easily. Irene welcomes all our prayers.

Ernie Mireles:(12-29-19 nf) Ernie is now in home hospice care suffering from kidney failure. He is taking calls from close friends at 713-545-4069, if no answer call his wife Chris at 713-545-4030 and leave a message. Give Ernie a call as we all lift up our prayers for he and Chris.



Christopher L. Brewster, died in Line of Duty, December 7, 2019

Beatrice R. Garcia, mother-in-law of member Keith R. Schirck, December 7, 2019

Michael L. Gann, member, December 18, 2019

Gizelle Solorio, December 19, 2019

Oscar Valverde, Jr., retired HCSO & cousin of members Joann Rabago & Ralph Gonzales, 
December 23, 2019

Joseph Scerbo, member, December 21, 2019

Bobby G. Curtis, father of member Barry G. Curtis, December 23, 2019

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” JOSHUA 1:9