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Houston Police Retired Officers Association
Family Assistance Update
January 01, 2020
January 2020
Betty Pierpont Mason: (1-7-20 rh) M.D. Beall advised that Betty (HPROA member), widow of Deceased member L.R.P. Pierpont, has been fighting liver cancer for a while now.  He just received an update from her.  She’s had the first part of the Y-90 procedure yesterday.  She didn’t have to stay in the hospital but they mapped the route to her liver tumor.  It grew 3cm since September.  She will have part 2 after the artery heals which takes about 4 weeks.  That’ll be when they put the radiation implant in the tumor.  She should hear this week if the Part 1 was in the acceptable range to do Part 2.  Please lift up prayers for Betty.

Sal Gambino:(1-3-20 nf) Pat reports this afternoon that Sal's health is declining and visits are limited to family.  We welcome your prayers.