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Board Meeting Minutes
May 14, 2020

Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance:  Steve Rayne

Present:   Aldridge, Ashby, Barnard, Beale, Gaines, Kivela, Potell, Rayne, Scheibe, St. John, Toth, Walschburger, Zoch 
Absent:  McDonald

Parliamentarian – Bill Elkin

Sergeant at Arms: Robert Crane 

Determination of Quorum: A quorum was present.

Treasurer’s Report and Minutes of Previous Meeting: 
Motion by Potell, 2nd by Aldridge to approve the Minutes and the Treasurer’s Report as printed.  Voice Vote.  Motion Carried.

President – Bob Barnard
•Board meeting held 9:00am via Tele-Conference due to the Coronavirus social distance regulations.
•Discussion regarding distributing facemasks to our members.  The City of Houston donated 2,000 disposable facemasks to the HPROA and member Phyllis Wunsche donated 100-cloth facemasks with the HPROA logo.
Information will be placed on the HPROA Website and in the Retired Badge.  Any member may request up to 5 disposable masks and they will be provided to that member.
•Jim St.John and Shelly Scheibe are the coordinators.  
•There will be a $10 business expense to the telephone carrier for the tele-conference board meeting.
•Steve Benavides will serve as the Nominating Chairman for the 2020 August Elections.  Nominations must be submitted by 5:00pm on Wednesday, June 10, 2020.  Board of Directors open positions are President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, Position 1, Position 3, Position 5 and Position 7. Any member wishing to serve on the Board of Directors should Contact Steve Benavides at 832-381-7305 or before the deadline.  
•Motion by Potell, 2nd by Rayne that due to the COVID 19 circumstances, the Board waives for one (1) year HPROA Bi-Law requirements for floor nominations prior to the annual election for Board of Directors positions.  Voice Vote.  Motion Carried.  
•E. J. Smith will serve as the Election Chairman. 
•New Member applications received:
• Timothy Hanmore
• Jason Robles
• Anthony M. Turner
• Thomas Vashaw
• Raul Yzquierdo
•Motion by Potell, 2nd by Aldridge to approve the new member applications.  Voice Vote.  Motion Carried.

Executive Director – Anthony Kivela
•HPOPS Report
• Retention of the pension benefits earned by our members continues to be the primary goal of the HPROA, and a related goal is passing along any pension information to our members. The HPROA has scheduled a weekly business call with HPOPS in order to obtain any pension information that needs to be passed along during this time of market volatility and uncertainty.
• HPOPS has reported the following during this period:
The Mayor submitted his proposed budget for the coming fiscal year.  Fortunately, all the funds that the City is obligated to contribute to HPOPS was fully proposed to be funded in the new budget.
•All of the monthly benefit checks have been sent out.
•The PROP distributions went out, everybody who wanted one received theirs.
•The office is open for members who need wills, as well as some trusts.
•Richard Gable is still handling members who need assistance on financial planning. 
•The COLA’s went out as scheduled.
•The DROP rate isn’t changing.
•Any member can call HPOPS, 713-869-8734, and someone will answer the phone during business hours.  Many requests can be handled by phone interviews, rather than personal visits.  Call and you will be advised how to proceed.
• There has been no notable increase in retirements.
•There has been a slight increase in Fiscal Year To Date (FYTD) 2020 retirements:  149 this year compared to 142 in FYTD 2019
There has been an increase in Cumulative Year To Date (CYTD) 2020 retirements: 76 this CYTD compared to 51 in CYTD 2019.  Putting this in perspective, there were 161 in CYTD 2017.
• The total fund balance as of April 30, 2020 was $5.345 billion.
•The Webmaster / Web Manager
• The closing date for members wishing to apply for the Web Manager position was April 30, 2020.  Two applicants formally applied and a selection process will be conducted.
•Donations received:
•                   4-7-20     George & Dorothy Hayner in memory of Paul Martinez
• 4-7-20     Thomas & Nelda Klawiter
•4-6-20     Ms. Margaret Ellison “I just want to help out the HPROA” 
•4-15-20   Eleanor McWilliams in memory of D.J. McWilliams    
•4-20-20   J. B. Haney “Use it as you see fit”  
•4-22-20   Janice Jeske in memory of Nelson Foehner 
•4-26-20  Guy S. McMenemy in memory of Nelson Foehner “A donation in
memory of a longtime friend who has a legacy of assisting Officers and their families in need. He will not be forgotten.” 
•4-27-20   Mr. & Mrs. John Hoefert in memory of Thomas Klawiter;
•4-28-20   Joe and Erlinda Breshears in memory of Troy Blando “Loving father and husband …Dedicated Officer …Beloved by all who knew him …Killed in the Line of Duty.” 
•4-28-20  The Shuta Club in memory of Thomas Klawiter.
•5-1-20    Earnest & Celia Godfrey in memory of Nelson Foehner “Nelson was such a kind person. He will be missed.”
•5-6-20    Sandra Gunn in memory of Lt. James E. “Peter” Gunn “Miss my Father”
•Phyllis Wunsche donated 50 homemade HPROA reusable cloth masks that she purchased from Ray’s Tailor and Shoe Repair, 11723 Airline.  These were well received and she ordered an additional 50, which will be donated to the HPROA for its members who volunteer to serve on committees.  Additional HPROA masks can be purchased directly from Ray’s.
•Letters of thanks:
•   Dana Bonds Gambino: letter of thanks for the flower spray received for her father’s funeral, Sal Gambino.
•   Letter of thanks from Willie O. Thomas in memory of his wife, Ruth Ann.
•   Letter of thanks for a donation made to Mary Nan Huffman, candidate for Harris County District Attorney
•   Letter of thanks from Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick for a contribution to his campaign.
•Helping Members with COVID-19 Issues.  President Bob Barnard asked for members who need assistance to contact the HPROA.  Many HPROA members contacted the association and offered their assistance.  Our members continue to serve!  Those generously offering to assist were:
1) Carol Trautwein 
2) J. B. Haney 
3) Phyllis Wunsche 
5) Jim Hudson 
6) George Buenik
6) Kyle Evans 
7) James Koteras  
8) Phyllis Wunsche (a second offer of assistance)
•Website Issue:  Recommendation from Scheibe: revise all website payment/donation platforms to add language that we accept Credit and Debit cards (was previously only “credit cards”). Handled.
•Another online theft attempt (no loss) was received against the HPROA, with near-identical verbiage of prior attempts targeting board members.   Incident report made with the FTC.

Old Business:
•The HPROA Last Roll Call Update:  The Webmaster is in the process of adding deaths of non-HPROA members (that he is able to obtain) to the website’s Last Roll Call.  
•All regular old business updates were tabled until an in person meeting can be held.  

New Business:
•Articles for the Retired Badge should be submitted to Zoch by May 20th. 
•After the April 22nd tornado in Onalaska, Steve Toth contact as many of our members as possible to see if they had any damages or needed assistance.  Only one member had damage but did not need assistance.  

Good and Welfare:
•Hand sanitizer and facemask will be provided at the next open meeting.  

Motion by Potell, 2nd by Aldridge to adjourn the meeting at 10:35 am. Voice Vote.  Motion Carried.

Sue GainesBoard Secretary   

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