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  Posted on: Tuesday, December 1, 2020
Family Assistance Update
December 2020
Virginia (Ginny) Andersen Hall, wife of Retired Officer and HPROA Member Harry Hall, passed away peacefully on June 23, 2020. 
In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in her honor to Cure Alzheimer's Fund (www.curealz.org).
Please note that Mrs. Hall passed away in June, 2020, but we were not aware of her passing until today, January 5, 2020.
Our prayers are with the Hall family.
Barbara Cotten, FAC Co-Chairman

Molly Davis, Sister of HPROA Secretary Cathy Buckles, had a massive stroke the first part of November 2020. She is unable to walk and has no strength on her left side. She has been released from the hospital and is scheduled to start in-house therapy soon. Cathy and the Davis family welcome all prayers for her full recovery.
Barbara Cotten, FAC Co-Chairman
Bob Barnard (12-27-20 blc) Bob has been home since Friday night and is recuperating from his flare up with Pancreatitis. He is supposed to take it easy for a few days and get plenty of rest.

Nelson Zoch (12-27-20 blc) Nelson was released from the hospital Saturday with instructions to quarantine for another 10 days and to call his doctor Monday but he said he is feeling a lot better than he did. He also said Mary Sue is still sick but is doing better.

Doug Bostock (12-27-20 blc) Doug is still in the  hospital but is feeling much better. He said they told him he may be able to go home in a day or two then they will do a biopsy on his pancreas in two to three weeks and find out what is going on with it.

Roger Burkhalter (12-27-20 blc) Marilyn said Roger is still in ICU and not doing any better. May our Lord Comfort and give him Peace during this time.

They each appreciated the prayers, phone calls, etc and asks that you continue to pray for healing and to keep all of our Members in your prayers.
Barbara Cotten, FAC Co-Chairman

Roger Burkhalter (12-25-20 blcl) is in ICU with a blood clot and is on a ventilator. His wife, Marilyn, said that she would appreciate all prayers for his recovery and for peace and comfort.  No phone calls please at this time.
Barbara Cotten, FAC - Co-Chairman

Bob Barnard (12-24-20 blc) is in the hospital with Pancreatitis.  He is asking for prayers for a speedy recovery and he anticipates only a few days in the hospital. He is on medication and requests no phone calls at this time. Please keep him in your prayers.
Barbara Cotten, FAC Co-Chairman

Nelson Zoch (11-24-20 blc) is in the hospital with COVID and pneumonia and is improving. He is at St. Marks Medical Center in LaGrange and will be there until Monday, December 28th. No visitors are allowed due to the pandemic. His wife, Mary Sue, is at home recovering from COVID also. Nelson welcomes phone calls and can be reached at 281-543-6256. Please keep them both in your prayers for a speedy recovery.
Barbara Cotten, FAC Co-Chairman

Doug Bostock (12-23-20 blc) is in the hospital with walking pneumonia and has tested positive for COVID. They have also found an undetermined mass on his pancreas. Doug says he can receive calls, however he is weak and his voice is not very strong at this time. His number is 281-221-7466. Please keep Doug in your prayers for a speedy recovery and while he awaits for the results on his pancreas.
Barbara Cotten, FAC Co-Chairman

I received the following email from HPROA Member Deanie Boy reaching out to our Members. If anyone can help Deanie out please contact her at the below number:

I am the “Assist the Officer” for Thin Blue Line Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club. TBLLEMC, is a law enforcement club with active and retired members. Our mission is to support law enforcement and families.
One of our members is in need of a portable oxygen concentrator.  I am reaching out to HPROA to see if any of your members have one. If so, please have them reach out to me at 713.822.6048.
Thank you so much and may everyone have a Blessed and Merry Christmas!
Deanie Boy

Kenneth Brumley (12-16-20 blc) I was advised by Keka Shehane, daughter of Kenneth Brumley, that he will be going into Hospice care at Memorial Hermann Hospital, Woodlands. He has had a number of health problems through the last few years and has now tested positive for COVID.
Please keep Kenneth and his family in your prayers.
Barbara Cotten, FAC Co-Chairman

Paul Day (12-11-20 blc) I received word today that Paul had a triple bypass in September. He is doing much better but could use a few laughs talking to old friends and co-workers. Give him a call at 713-320-7377 to wish him a speedy recovery.
Barbara Cotten, FAC Co-Chairman

Steve Felchak (12-8-20 blc) Steve is having a few health issues concerning his eyes, hips and walking. He would appreciate phone calls from his former co-workers and friends. His phone number is 281-636-4373.
Please keep Steve in your prayers for comfort and healing. 
Barbara Cotten, FAC Co-Chairman

John Hobson (12-2-20 blc) John Hobson, Retired Officer and HPROA member, is currently in the hospital undergoing heart surgery. 
Let's bow our heads in prayer for a successful surgery and healing.
Barbara Cotten, FAC Co-Chairman

-Family Assistance Committee Relocates-
The Family Assistance Committee relocated to a larger, climate-controlled storage facility today.  Our collection of medical equipment supplies has grown as a result of thoughtful, member donations.  The new storage has lights and electric outlets, so we can now keep our electric scooters charged up.  A big thank you to our donating members, specifically:
  • Sandy Lundy, widow of Retired Sergeant Wayne W. Lundy, donated a hospital bed with rails, three hospital mattresses and several small home-care supplies.

  • Charles and Wanda Baise donated a three wheeled scooter, a wheelchair lift and a transport chair.

  • Jean Douglass, widow of Retired Sergeant J. W. Douglass, donated a potty chair plus three very useful ramps.

  • Kyle Evans and wife Joann, donated a potty chair, seat, and shower chair.

Finally, a special thank you to THE MOVERS:
Scotty Kiper - not pictured
Steve Barker
Tim Dillon
Pat Kainer
Ray Smith
Mike Gee

Henry Chavez and Barbara Cotten, Chairpersons

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