Handgun and Retired ID Renewal Information
Academy Range Qualifications

Retiree Qualifications:

  • Retirees MUST have a reservation in order to qualify.
  • Retirees are required to have their own eye and ear protection.
  • Retirees are reminded to wear a mask at all times (optional while actually qualifying), and to practice social distancing.
  • Reservations will be scheduled by the Retiree Certification Unit (RCU), only.  The RCU will be contacting those who have submitted their paperwork to the RCU to schedule reservations.
  • Retirees should check in at the RCU, wearing their masks, preferably by 10:30 am to complete any remaining paperwork before qualifying at the indoor range. The qualification line time is approximately 11:00 am, at the Indoor Pistol Range.
  • Retirees must have their weapons clear and unloaded prior to entering any facility at the Academy.  Retiree Weapons will be inspected at the indoor range after check-in at the RCU.
  • Be advised that head shots do not count, and in fact count as a miss.
  • Please feel free to contact Senior Police Officers Paul Cromwell or Bridgett Marshall of the Retiree Certification Unit at 832-394-2500 should you have any further issues or concerns.

Texas License To Carry (LTC):

If you are honorably retired and want to apply for an LTC with the state of Texas, you may do so at no charge provided you get a letter from the Chief of Police.  For instructions on how to do this, please follow the steps below:
  • Click HERE to go to the HPOU website.
  • On the HPOU site, click “DPS Instructions & HPD Application”.   Read the instructions carefully and fill out all required forms.
  • Mail or email the forms to the information provided in the instructions.  (See *Note under this section)
  • The caveat is, you must have qualified at the HPD shooting range within 6 months prior to submitting your paperwork (NO WALK-INS ALLOWED).  See "Retiree Qualifications" above.
*NOTE:  Photos of your application cannot be accepted.  Please either:  1) print application and mail it in, or 2) print application and scan it with a decent quality, working scanner and then email the scanned copy in.  Please ensure it is legible.

Renewing your LTC:
  • Initial licenses are valid for four years.  Renewal licenses are valid for five years.
  • You must fill out another state License to Carry application in order to renew!
  • Also must fill out the HPD Employee Services Division application as well.  Located HEREFollow the instructions carefully and see *NOTE above.
If you have further questions, contact HPD Employee Services at 713-308-1220.

Handgun & Retired ID Renewal Forms:

NOTE: When qualifying, retirees must have a reservation with the Academy Retiree Certification Unit.  No walk-ins are allowed. (See "Retiree Qualifications" above)

CLICK HERE to go to the HPOU website for all the necessary forms and instructions.